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What the hell is content marketing?

I’m glad you asked.  Content marketing is the production and publishing of topical information relevant to the business you are in. This can come in many many forms such as slide shows, white papers, video, e-books, blog posts, webinars, podcasts, etc. The purpose of these publications is to get found by your prospects, inform them and build credibility for your company. It also helps with search engine optimization.

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Stratosphere Studio’s first blog post

Do you remember your first Internet experience? What did you search for?

first generation1 resized 600.jpg 150x150 Stratosphere Studios first blog post

I was in college when the Internet first came to prominence. I remember I was in a marketing class at the Lowder business building at Auburn University. The computer labs in that building were state of the art.  One day I was going to class and on the door to the computer lab was a hand written note in red marker which read: “now with Internet”. Having heard of the Internet I ventured inside. I sat at a terminal and into the search engine (I don’t remember which one I used) I typed in the phrase that most college kids choose as their first search term: surf music. OK so maybe I wasn’t the typical college kid what with my retro fascination, but even then in 1994 there was an early website dedicated to surf music. Its still there and its called Reverb central by Phil Dirt. Struck with awe at how fast this information was made available to me, I then typed in the next most important phrase to me at the time: Hot Rods. I was hooked.

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