Monthly Archives: May 2012

Google’s new “semantic search” might kill your website rankings

Google is really starting to piss me off.

pissed off Googles new semantic search might kill your website rankings

On the one hand Google is making my job more important and vital to busy business owners like you. And our growth is certainly beginning to reflect this demand for our services.

But I have to tell you, running around all day trying to please Google’s algorithms is like having Paris Hilton as a girlfriend; fickle, mind changing, and always throwing new stuff at me. I’m beginning to get a nervous condition. I’m calling it “Google Twitch”. Feel free to use that one.

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How to get your website to outperform your best sales person

Your website can create more sales than your best sales people, you just need the right process.

I just recently started working with a mold remediation specialist (www.the had a decent website and was blogging, tweeting, doing Facebook, paid search and email marketing. By a lot of people’s standards he was doing all the “right things”. However, the sales just were not rolling in.

He has a high dollar lead value, in fact most leads are worth at least $4,000-$10,000 if they become sales. He was getting one good lead a month mostly from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) through Google adwords. But when you clicked on his PPC ad it just brought people to his website which had some generic mold blog content written by a college intern. When you landed on the page, there were no calls to action, no proper landing page content, and no reason to contact the mold dr unless you knew for sure you had a mold problem, and certainly no reason to leave your contact information if you were just “browsing” and looking for mold answers.

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