The way we buy has changed!

The way we buy has changed, the way we access information, has changed, the way we discover and engage with brands has all changed. We are living in an age where companies like yours can compete head to head with major brands despite your budget. The playing field has been leveled.

Your customer is now driving this interaction. They tell you what they are looking for, what they want to know, how to reach them, when to reach them and where to have the conversation.

If you do a good enough job listening to them, you can become a hero brand in no time with the right content, the right tactics and the right channel (websites, social media, video).

A little history of how we started and where we are today

Our goal as a company is to work with the right brands who value our input, our insight, and are willing to let us put the effort forward on their behalf. When we do, the pay off is in sales increases, brand awareness and brand interaction. Your sales increase it our success.

Never has marketing been more measurable, testable, and repeatable than now. Your consumer is connected, and we can help you reach them.

Our numbers prove it.

Our beginning- 3D corporate storytelling.

After working in the tradeshow business for 15 years, a major shift in what my clients needed took place seemingly overnight, and I had to make a change and fast…

First a little background.

When I was selling exhibits I learned very quickly that my prospects were very nervous about getting the booth design right. Often times I would walk into a meeting with a new prospect and they would try to tell me -the exhibit designer- what the booth should look like. They were trying to appease their boss, usually a VP of Marketing, and get a booth the VP would like.

A lot of my competitors took these instructions as gospel and were basically order takers, pushing all the decision making on the designers who were never part of the client meetings. These guys would leave a prospect meeting with a list of must haves and not much else.

When I went into a meeting, I would tell my prospects to forget the booth for a minute and explain to me who they were, what they sold, how they sold it and why anyone would want to buy it. Once I understood that, I was 1/2 of the way to building the booth. That is when I would start sketching.

booth sketch2 About

My next step was to look at how much square footage we had to work with, how long the show was (how much time we had to sell) , how aggressive or timid the sales people were, and how the attendees perceived the company walking to the show, and how they client wanted to be know after the show.

At that point, we could begin to do design. This methodology gave me a distinct competitive advantage. After a two hour meeting, I understood my client as if I worked there, and they knew it. On more than one occasion after leaving a prospect meeting, they would call the other bidders and inform them they had just hired their exhibit company.

What I excelled in as a salesman and an exhibit designer was understanding my customer’s story, and then telling it in a 3 dimensional environment, and I made a very good living at it for over a decade.

But this all started to go away around 2008. Budgets, the economy, and emerging technologies created a swift moving shift. More and more companies scaled back or stopped exhibiting all together.


The Internet and social media had fully matured as a replacement source for expensive and cumbersome face to face exhibit marketing. For the first time, I wasn’t just competing against other exhibit houses, I was competing against the Internet!

My client’s needs shifted to digital, and in 2010 I took that plunge with them opening the doors to Stratosphere Studio full time specializing in sales generation and corporate story telling in a digital format. Stratostudio exterior revised e1363462372223 About

I took what I was great at with exhibit design, and built a team of people who can deliver the same successes in an digital age.

This leap has turned out the be the right one at the right time as companies large and small have been introduced to the concept and the need for good content marketing. We as a company are not mired in a traditional and interruptive marketing mind-set. We are therefore free to continue to peer into the future and advise clients on strategy, and content to deliver the results they seek today, and in the future.

Client demand has guided what our specialties are. Video is certainly one of them, but so is Search Engine Optimization and web based sales conversions. Branding and story telling are also areas where we excel. We create content that attracts and converts visitors to sales.

What has made us successful so far, and what is attracting all of our new customers is our ability to deliver actual measured and reportable sales results. A lot of agencies talk about their awards and Addies. We would rather show you charts and proof of our actual delivered results.

Results are our awards, and we truly care about your sales results.        

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