How To Increase Customers- the modern way

Need to learn how to increase customers the way most successful businesses do? Are you looking to attract new sales leads? The shift is moving rapidly to solid internet and content marketing tactics. Measurable repeatable ways to bring new people to your door and convert them to sales leads. Content marketing begins by telling your unique story in a way that attracts new web visitors.

What makes your business unique?  Has it been around for decades or did you recently invest everything you had into getting it started?  Is it a family business?  What do you offer that the business down the street doesn’t?

It all comes down to great storytelling.

gossip How To Increase Customers  the modern way To attract new customers to your business, you need to demonstrate what sets you apart from the rest.  You need to appeal to the human qualities in your customers by empathizing and revealing what’s human about you.

We can help you do that. 

3d one month2 How To Increase Customers  the modern way Digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing, is versatile and dynamic.  With digital marketing, we can tell your story using strong images, powerful writing, and engaging videos.  We aren’t limited to just a two-column by five-inch print ad or a voice on the radio.  With digital marketing, your customers can not only use multiple senses to experience your message, but they can even interact with you everywhere they go using all of the technology available.

At Stratosphere Studio we have perfected the art of storytelling.  We understand your buyer and can tailor your campaign to match their needs.  Attracting the right people to your business is the first step towards a future of tremendous success.

They Ask, You Answer.

People come to the internet for two reasons: They want to be entertained, and they want to learn more about something.

What do people ask?

They ask:

Who- who is the biggest, best, closest, cheapest, loudest, quietest…etc. These are buying questions about brands, people, groups, organizations, bands etc.
What- what is the biggest, best, safest, scariest, cheapest,  best, what is this noise, etc. These are all object questions, and are usually buying questions.
Where- where are the best, worst, coldest, cheapest…etc. These are all geography based questions. anxious woman 300x300 How To Increase Customers  the modern way
When- when is this event, this sale, this place open, this happening. All time related questions about your product or service.
Why- is or why does this happen, not happen, skip, break, make this noise, etc. These are cause an effect questions and can be answered about your product or service.
How- do I find, make, stop, quit, start, begin, alter, change, pay for, borrow, etc. These are all seeking instructions or advice.

Understanding your audience, and why they buy what you sell is the first step to mastering story telling for your brand.

So now that you understand the questions people ask, and realize that you need to start answering them, you can attack this problem in several ways through your web site:

Search engine optimization of your pages- the right copy, the right page titles, well researched and thought out.

Video on your web pages (in addition to the text, never by itself)

Graphics- A picture is worth a thousand words to a human so you need good visuals to support your copy, but you still need good SEO copy for the Google robots. And PLEASE no more generic stock photos- show real pictures of your people, product, service or location!

Blogging-  when blogging is done the right way, it is the fastest way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your filed, dominate the Search engine results pages and, start bringing in traffic and leads increases month after month.

The next step in this process is conversion.