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$1.5M in web leads for an RV repair shop, here is how we did it.

2017 was a banner year for the RV industry. As I write this, it is mid December and already the RV manufacturers have shipped out over 500,000 brand new units to dealers. 2018 is already shaping up to be better than 2017 if you can imagine that.

2017 was also a great year for one of our customers- Coach Specialists in Texas. To date just in 2017 we have generated over $1.5 Million in leads for their repair shop of which $1.3 Million are confirmed sales.

How is that possible you ask?

Well we accomplished it through a three part digital marketing strategy- Blogging, call to action, analytics.

Let me break it out by tactic.

Smart ways to convert your collision repair website visitors into leads

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When we talk to collision repair shop owners about their digital marketing, a common concern among them is the process of acquiring leads.  Because lead generation is crucial for long-term sustainability for any business, we understand and appreciate our clients’ concern.  Are you, too, concerned about acquiring more leads for your auto body shop?  Fortunately, your collision repair shop website is one of the strongest tools you can use towards building a successful lead acquisition strategy.

Convert website visitors into leads with strategic calls to action.
In previous blogs, we’ve addressed how you can improve your website traffic with keywords and strong design tactics, but the next step is to convert those visitors into leads.  The best way you can accomplish this is through what we call a “call to action,” which is a line or button inviting your visitor to take action.  For instance, you could invite your website visitor to do something as simple as giving your shop a call or you could provide a special offer or service.  By offering a great incentive, you increase the likelihood of capturing your visitor’s contact information.

Here are some great incentives for any collision repair shop:

Off Page SEO scam exposed: Stop getting burned by your SEO Company.

How to spot bad off page SEO backlinking, and avoid getting scammed by your SEO company.
This is a “here is how they getcha” article that needs to be written. I’m talking today about a major SEO scam that I see customers fall for all the time: Off page SEO for backlink building.

If you are learning about SEO, or even an expert reading this post, you already know about the importance of backlinks. There is only one kind of backlink that matters: Quality backlinks. The major search engines actually grade the quality of your backlinks to determine the quality of your content. If you had 5 top quality backlinks, you would easily outrank a competing page with 10,000 garbage links.

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Learn the inbound marketing process in just under a minute!

The Inbound Marketing Process Explained

We are an outsource provider of inbound marketing to companies and solo practitioners like you. My competitors in this market are largely former PR agencies or PR agencies looking to give clients what they are asking for which is an inbound or content marketer. I’ve been to dozens of these competitor’s websites and they all have a similar look and feel. Slightly generic web design, and lots and lots of copy. Well of course they are PR agencies! They love to write!