How does your business rank on Google?  Your answer to this question is more important than you might realize.

In the ABCs of marketing, you start by attracting people to your business.  Then, you need to build your customer base.  In the digital world, this means having a website that is rich with the right content. spring gardening2 296x300 Build So what happens if you don’t have great content on your site? 

Well, you might manage to attract visitors to your site, but they won’t stay long.  Instead of converting into a lead for you, they will likely head right back to Google and look for another business that address their needs better.

Here’s what you need to do—it’s very simple: you need to answer your customers’ questions.

This is something we’re pros at here at Stratosphere Studio.  We can put ourselves in your customers’ shoes and answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions they are asking.

Does this sound easy?  It’s really more of an art form. 

See, Google is very intelligent and recognizes when content isn’t relevant to someone searching online.  In order for Google to be the best search engine, it has to be sophisticated in how it locates relevant content.

What we can do for you is build a library of great information on your website using strategic keyword combinations.  Not enough businesses out there are doing this, so that just means that your site can easily outperform your competition.

When your site is rich with content, Google will reward you with the best customers for you—and a whole lot of them.

The next step after that?  It’s to convert all of those visitors into leads and those leads into sales.