Business Blogging

A good content marketing strategy always begins with blogging. It’s a silly word for one of the best business marketing tools out there. We have clients ranking on page one of Google for various keywords and they are all a result of a blog post we have written for that keyword. Blogging gets you found in on the web- plain and simple. Goggle’s entire search algorithm is based on the exact phrase match of the words on your web pages. Blogging creates the opportunities for those keyword matches. Every blog post is a Google indexable page. It is the single most important thing any business can do to boost their search engine optimization. Want to drive more traffic to your website? Blog better, and more frequently. The blog will pull in visitors for free through successful keyword strategy. Blogging provides you with the type of shareable content that will lead to backlinks – the other key component to boosting your page’s Search Engine Optimization.

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Blogging allows for call-to-action buttons, which are essentially conversion opportunities. A web visitor lands on your site through a blog page, they are then guided to a call-to-action to receive more in-depth information in the form of a study, an infographic, or a downloadable report or guide. When they click the call-to-action button, they are asked to fill out a short form, which is used for lead tracking and lead nurturing. Blogging for business allows you to lead an audience, educate them, and establish yourself as the thought leader for your topic. Blogging once a week is a minimum. Twice a week is a preferred schedule. Some businesses blog every day.  We have expert bloggers on our staff along with Search Engine Optimization experts who will ensure that each post is properly key worded. We have a strategic partnership with Marcus Sheridan. Certainly when you are researching Inboud marketing you will come across his name. Marcus was recently on the front cover of the NY times business page talking about how he turned his pool company around using inbound marketing fro one year. I’ll be perfectly honest, when we first started blogging for clients it was strictly to make Google happy with the keywords. But when Panda and Penguin came out, Marcus’s methodologies really started to make sense. His philosophy is our philosophy: “They Ask–YOU answer!” It is such a simple concept, yet completely missed by so many companies. You have customers looking for answers to what ever it is you sell every single day. If you start blogging those answers, guess what happens? That’s right, they come to you for the answers. Mostly because your competition isn’t doing this at all.