Why would an auto body shop need a blog? The top 5 reasons.

blog 300x199 Why would an auto body shop need a blog?  The top 5 reasons.
One of our biggest areas of expertise at Stratosphere Studio is body shop marketing.  Each time we take on a new client, we take the time to research and develop a detailed marketing plan for them, which typically includes frequent, strategic blogging.  In the cases of our body shop clients, they often ask, “Why would a body shop need a blog?”  If you’re wondering the same thing, then let me explain why blogging is extremely important for many businesses—especially body shops.

#1.  Blogging is the best tool for providing timely, relevant content to your customers.
When you hear the word “blogging,” do you picture Doogie Howser typing away on his computer after a challenging day as an adolescent?  Well, it’s time to get that image out of your head, because blogging is so much more than that.  First and foremost, blogging gives you the opportunity to address the questions your customers have.  Do your customers tend to ask about rust, dents, or perhaps parking lot damage?  Then share your knowledge with them.  If there is something related to auto body repair in the news, then address it.  If there is a safety concern that many drivers overlook, then let them know.  If you provide the right content, you’ll generate lots of interested readers.

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Need More Customers to your Auto Body Shop? Try These 6 Offers


A call-to-action (CTA) can be one of the most helpful tools for turning website visitors into cars for your auto body shop. We’ve tested countless offers and found that these 6 have proven to be the most successful every time for the body shops that we work with.

1.) Click to schedule a free estimate
2.) $100 off your deductible
3.) Free pick-up and delivery
4.) Free rental car
5.) Free online ball park estimate
6.) Local auto body shop comparison guide

Each of these 6 offers create value and add ease to your prospective customer’s life in a way that would draw them into your body shop when their car has been damaged.

Don’t think of each of these offers as a “one size fits all”, you should utilize a few if not all of them on your website.

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Want to get at least 30 new customers every month to your body shop?

How we’re getting 30 leads a month for ABRN’s top body shop.

service writer 300x157 Want to get at least 30 new customers every month to your body shop?

We are steadily adding collision centers to our client roster–shops seeking to increase the number of leads and cars to their shops. Our first auto body shop content marketing client was O’Rielly Collision Center in Tucson, Arizona.  The shop has just won the prestigious title of Top Shop by Auto Body Repair Network (ABRN) and we’re proud of their achievement.  Every company we work with is important to us, so a win for you feels like a win for us.

In the ABRN article announcing O’Rielly’s Top Shop title (for the 4th year in a row, by the way—a new record!), Brian Gurrero mentions the effectiveness of the marketing strategies we are performing for them:

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