Should I use Instagram in my collision repair marketing?

Instagram 300x300 Should I use Instagram in my collision repair marketing?

With the many social media outlets available for body shops to use in their marketing these days, it can be confusing trying to figure out which ones to participate in.  Of course you want to be as effective as possible in marketing your shop, but you don’t want to spread yourself and your marketing efforts too thin.  It can be tempting to take part in every social network you can get your hands on, but that is a major mistake that we see many body shops make.  The key to social media marketing is to pick and choose your outlets very carefully.

One of the most popular social sites this year is Instagram.  It reaches a wide range of demographics and provides a unique opportunity for communication through the use of photography.  If you are thinking about using Instagram in your collision repair marketing, here’s what you should consider:

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Should I use A/B testing in my collision repair marketing?

AB testing4 300x217 Should I use A/B testing in my collision repair marketing?

Lots of collision repair shops we encounter at Stratosphere Studio have become much more sophisticated in their marketing techniques.  This is a wonderful trend that we’ve noticed and we’re happy to see it paying off in the form of higher traffic and increased body shop revenue.  As the automotive industry embraces more sophisticated marketing techniques, the emphasis is now on being as strategic as possible.  Particularly with our capabilities online, it’s become more feasible to do so.  Body shop owners can now take advantage of the cost-effectiveness of internet marketing, content marketing, and more—all while tracking pageviews, clicks, and leads.  We’re living in a great age of marketing possibilities.

What about A/B testing?
In line with being more strategic, many body shop owners are considering a technique called A/B testing.  In A/B testing, we experiment with alternative messages in order to learn what’s most effective among a specific demographic.  An example of this would be to send two different coupons out to two groups of potential customers.  We would then track which coupon brings in the most customers, leading us to favor that particular marketing messaging in the future.  Through experimental marketing techniques like this, collision repair shops can make more informed marketing decisions over time.  That’s why we employ A/B testing on behalf of all our marketing clients, including auto body shops.

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Should I buy online ads to boost my collision repair marketing?

online ads 300x236 Should I buy online ads to boost my collision repair marketing?

In marketing their businesses these days, body shop owners are bombarded by many different options for how they can advertise.  You can go the old-fashioned route of print ads and coupon mailers.  You can go the expensive route of radio spots, TV spots, and billboards.  You can throw caution to the wind and rely solely on word-of-mouth.  You can even do a little bit of everything and see what happens.  But what about online advertising?  Even though this method of advertising has been around for decades now, it is still fairly new in the world of marketing.  That’s probably why lots of business owners are hesitant to rely on it.  Yet, there are many great reasons to give online advertising a try if you want to boost your collision repair marketing success.  Are you considering buying online ads to advertise your body shop, but you’re concerned that it’s not the best kind of marketing for your budget?  Here are some important reasons why it’s likely the best advertising option to boost your body shop revenue:

Online ads are more targeted than any other type of advertising.
The days of marketing by throwing ideas on the wall and seeing what sticks are just about gone.  No more relying solely on your intuition and an astronomical marketing budget.  Instead, being as strategic as possible is key.  With the capabilities that advertisers have in targeting the exact demographics they are looking for, you can ensure that your message is being presented to the exact people who would be interested in your services.  Online ads can target people of a certain age, income status, gender, and more.  They can also target people who are searching for specific terms, like “body shop” and “collision repair.”  With this amount of specificity, you’ll know that your marketing is reaching all the right people for your business.

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