Lead Conversion

How can you convert traffic into leads? Once you’ve attracted traffic to your site and built a library of great content, it’s time to convert your visitors into leads.

As far as internet marketing and SEO companies are concerned this is what separates “the men from the boys”. A good SEO or content marketing partner is going to be just as obsessed with your lead conversion ratios as they are with attracting visitors in the first place. If your current agency or the ones you are considering are all web traffic and no lead conversion, then its time to stop talking to them. Which would you rather have 1 million web visitors a month and no leads, or 100 solid leads a month and a steadily growing number of visitors?

When your site isn’t optimized for lead conversion, all you have is a brochure that happens to be online. Certainly you will be great at answering consumer questions, but all you have at the end of the month are a list of IP addresses from Google analytics. How do you call 20.130.243 up and sell him something?  What you need after the visit is a way to convert that ip address into a rel person with real phone number address and e-mail. Once we have this conversion information we can begin a calculated, automated drip marketing sales process.

Once again, that’s where we come in.  bowling Lead ConversionWe can provide attractive calls to action, which will invite visitors to submit their information in exchange for useful downloadable content, or make appointment, or even an get online estimate.  We make sure that every call to action is both enticing and backed by a solid landing page.  You need good visual buttons, and even better landing pages. This is literally 1/2 art, and 1/2 science.

Because landing pages are transactional, they need to be particularly visual and compelling.

Once a visitor becomes a lead, that lead can then become a sale.

To convert leads into sales, we embark on a lead nurturing campaign.  During the campaign, your business sends the lead emails with relevant information or follows up with phone calls, depending on the initial call to action.  The lead becomes part of a flow of communication and nurtured with the goal of converting into a sale.

And here comes the best part: Web tracking and analytics

With our series of tools, we can accurately track how your site compares to your competitors, measure what is working for your site, and track all of your leads.  Over time, we have developed a streamlined process of monitoring progress and developing strategies to help each client attain better and better results.

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Now that you know our ABC’s of digital marketing, give us a chance to demonstrate them for you!