How to determine if you are an awesome client for our company (and we all want to be awesome right?)

 Step 1. You need to want MORE of something. More Leads, More, Visits, more views, more fans, more customers.

Step 2. You need to “get” how Google works as a business, how it makes money.  You need to understand your role in the equation, and realize tat you need help making this happen the right way.

If you get this far, you are already 1/2 of the way to being an awesome customer for us!

Step 3. You need to believe that digital marketing tactics will solve steps 1 and 2.

Step 4. You need to believe that we are the right fit for your brand, because we are going to need you to trust us.

Step 5. We need an open line of communication. We will need to be in contact a lot. If we are going to be able to do an awesome job for you, we need to know what your culture is, what your vision is, what your customers/prospects ask, look like, sound like, want, need, desire and lust after, but cannot find. We need to be able to come up with the right ideas to solve that for you and for them.

If everything we do for you is done in a vacuum, then it will be a failure on both sides.

And Finally …

Step 6. We need you to WANT to Pay for it. In three years we have proven that what we do really works. Its not just about getting the work done, its about the results and we have proven results. And just like you we want to grow.

We have come up with some awesome pricing options to get you started, to try some of these tactic out.

Digital marketing tactics are very time and labor intensive. They require writers, designers, social media experts, Google experts video editors, camera men, etc. It takes a team, and it also takes time. You need to be in this for the long haul, it WILL Pay off. It is an investment, not a cost. What we do pays for itself in a high multiple of returns.

So having said that here are some basic pricing for our services:

Website Design- Our sites typically start at around $3,500 and can go up depending on the complexity and number of pages. $3,500 will typically get you going with a nice starting point website.

Graphic Design- We charge around $135/hr, however some projects can be done for a flat rate agreed to ahead of time. typically these services are:

Logos- About $500-$600

Brochures- Start around $1,500

Branding and re-branding  packages- logos, branding (business cards, stationary, etc), website, photography (if needed) basic ad copy, etc start around $7,500

Inbound marketing services (see super deluxe in the body shop pricing example below) stars at around $2,900 a month and we require at least a six month commitment in order to show you real results. A one year commitment is ideal for starters.

Video Production- For us to script, shoot and edit a 5 minute or less piece, with up to three cameras, voice over, or music or both, you can estimate about $2,500. We will need quote each project as there are often many variables.

Motion Graphics- animations for videos can be as little as a few hundred on up. We need to quote these on a case by case basis.

Starter Packages

We have two 90 trial starter packages available to get up and running right now with inbound marketing and to see if they will work for you (because they will).

The main difference is in the deluxe you get blogging done by our partner Marcus Sheridan, and a couple of other perks. This chart is pretty easy to follow:

pricing planoutlines1 Pricing

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