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You may have read the article on us in Fenderbender March 2013 issue about blogging on page 29,

adpages Collision Repair Marketing

Stratosphere Studio featured in Fenderbender March 2013 on Inbound marketing for shops and blogging.

Or you may have seen our ad on page 27. We are offering an exciting new pricing option for Collision repair shop marketing.  So far we have been successful for three different collision repair shops with quadrupling their website traffic and ALL of our shops average between 35- 60 leads a month just from the Internet per shop location!

This is a proven technique to get you cars through the door right now. We offer this at a discount to get you started. Be the first in your town to successfully incorporate internet marketing into your collision repair marketing program.

Actual Client Leadweb Collision Repair Marketing

Actual client web lead. Names and info have been blurred out

How would you like over 50 of these in your inbox each month? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Give us 90 days and we will get you so hooked on leads that you won’t want to stop!

We are getting our clients over 50 new leads per month and we can get you up and running quickly! We want to give you an opportunity to try us out and get your shop up and running and gathering leads overnight. Our hope is that after 90 days you will be ready to hire us full time once you see how many leads we can get you in just 90 days.

Watch the video to learn about the details of the offer!

With either starter package we will jump start your internet marketing and lead generation so that you could actually take it from there, or hire us to continue doing this work with the full service offering.

Or perhaps you are a large enough MSO and want to go ahead an start with the Super Deluxe package right now!

With each package you wont have to lift a finger to get leads flowing into your shop. We do the work for you!

pricing plan2 664x1024 Collision Repair Marketing Here is what you get for each package:

- Get 30 of our best performing and proven blog posts re-written for your shop and your town.

- Three blogs a week for the first 5 weeks, then two blogs a week for the next 8 weeks.

- Get two different custom offers with landing pages and buttons installed on your site.

- Get custom forms installed on your site.

- Get a blog added to your site, or we will post our blogs to your site for you.

- We will install Google Analytics onto your site pages.

- We will do a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) brush up on all your site pages to ensure you are up to date, and in compliance with the latest Google best practices.

- We will track your website traffic, lead conversions, and what keywords are getting you found and we will report back to you on those findings in a report each month.

- We will consult with you for one hour each month to discuss our findings and give you suggestions for changes.

- We will auto publish our content to your social media sites.

- We will install call tracking on your site to determine which phone-in leads were a result of website visits. (limit 5 shops).

Give us 90 days, we can get you results!
Price(USD): $800.00

Deluxe This is our Full retainer package. You will get everything you need to be an internet marketing super star. Includes every thing in Standard and Deluxe package plus:

- e-mail marketing.

- Competitor tracking and analysis Keyword strategies, monitoring and updating.

- Monthly SEO tweaking and maintenance.

- Social Media Management.

- A/B testing of pages and offers to maximize efficiency and performance of your site.

Get our full Service offering
Price(USD): $1.00


Standard require a 90 day commitment. It takes 90 days to show significant gains.

Standard and Deluxe package require payment up front due to the large volume of work on our end, and short duration of the offer.

Super Deluxe plan is billable monthly. Super Deluxe pricing is limited to 5 shops in a MSO, and only one metropolitan geography (IE Philadelphia area) Large National MSO’s call for pricing.

Our pricing depends on how your shop’s website or websites are set up.

Call us and we can work up custom pricing options for you.

While we require a commitment, we never want to lock anyone into a contract. Our scope of work includes protections for you.

All packages include a scope of work agreement with the ability to end agreement for performance. In other words, if we are not doing our job and fulfilling these duties, you can end the agreement with no penalties, and a refund, of unused funds.