Email Marketing

Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Email marketing can be done to either cold lists or current customer database.

Many marketers worship email above other marketing channels. That is understandable to a large degree. Email enables you to establish a relationship with your prospects, stay top of mind, and offer discounts and promotions as the need arises. However, such one-time pro- motional emails can be a big turn off for your recipients, prompting them to form a negative opinion of your brand and unsubscribe from your list.

E-mail marketing has changed in recent years. It is no longer efficient to blast your customer base with a generic e-mail; you have to evolve your sending tactics and strategies.

013012EmailVolumeByDay INSIDE Email Marketing Since the CAN-SPAM Act in 2003, the laws for email marketing have become tighter. Following these rules will not only help you avoid the hefty fine for SPAM but will aid you in creating more effective e-mail marketing campaigns.

- Avoid using misleading, deceptive, or falsified information in your “From,” “To,” “Reply-To,” subject line, and routing information.

- Make sure you clearly identify who is sending the email, whether it’s from a company or an individual. Make sure your email subject line clearly indicates what the content of the email is about.

- Include your physical postal address.

- Every email message you send out has to include your valid physical mailing address.

- Include an opt-out link, and honor unsubscribes promptly.

- You must include a clear and obvious way for recipients to unsubscribe from all email communication from you, even if you also provide a list of other types of email to which they can subscribe instead. If a recipient asks to be removed from your list, you must honor their request within 10 business days, and then you cannot sell or transfer their email address to another list.