Increasing your auto body shop traffic with blogging

July 12 2013

blogging2 300x200 Increasing your auto body shop traffic with blogging

If you aren’t a believer in the power of blogging for your auto body shop website, then I’m here to convert you.  As experts in digital marketing strategies for auto body shops, we at Stratosphere Studio have seen firsthand how successfully blogging can boost the website traffic of any shop across the country.  Are you ready to give it a try?  Then read on for tips on how to get the most out of blogging for your business.

First, brainstorm some great topics.
The only problem with blogging for one’s business is that it’s too easy to do it wrong.  The trick is to write about topics that would be helpful to your customers.  Don’t make each blog just a big advertisement for your shop.  Instead, use them as an opportunity to be a resource to your customers.  Think about what kinds of questions you field every day from people coming into your shop and write those questions down.  Chances are, you can probably come up with a solid 25 questions right off the top of your head.  That’s a great place to start with your blogging.

keywords 300x199 Increasing your auto body shop traffic with blogging

Next, think about keywords.
Yes, your blogs are intended to function as a resource for your customers, but they’re also a great opportunity to use the right keywords to help your shop rank higher on Google.  In the brainstorming exercise, you wrote down the questions that your customers frequently ask.  In doing that, be sure to write the questions down exactly in the way your customers ask them.  The reason for this is that you want to match the keyword phrasing that people will input into Google.  When you use the right keyword phrasing, that will boost your rankings in Google.

content marketing1 270x300 Increasing your auto body shop traffic with blogging

Finally, write, write, and write some more.
When you first start blogging for your auto body shop, both quality and quantity can make a difference.  Write as frequently as you can in the first 90 days—at least three times a week, if possible.  This will jumpstart your presence online and help you to start ranking right away.  You will begin to see some dramatic results in your website traffic as early as one month into your blogging routine.  After the initial jumpstart period you can transition to as few as one blog per week in order to maintain your rankings.

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leadsbook cover shops Increasing your auto body shop traffic with blogging
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