Internet Marketing

If you are in business today, you are in the e-commerce business. So what is your internet marketing strategy? Simply a brochure like website? Or are you doing the things necessary to attract visitors to the site and convert that traffic into real sales leads. If the answer is no, then you are ready to learn about internet or inbound marketing. It’s a brand new, exciting age for marketing.  Is your business ready for it? We can help you develop your business’s Internet marketing strategy! You see, there are lots of PR agencies out there who have been doing marketing for quite a while—decades, even.  They have mastered the art of the print ad, the radio spot, and the TV commercial.  They have a love for billboards and direct mail.  And they understand the difference between local and national campaigns.

There’s only one problem with all this.  They haven’t successfully made the transition into internet marketing. Sure, they’re probably getting good at booking ads on Google or banner ads on local news sites, but all they’re doing is applying the old way of doing things to a whole new world. This just doesn’t work. Today, people have many different screens that they interact with on a daily basis—their smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, gaming devices, and so on.  There are a lot more ways to reach potential customers for your business, but the trick is to be as dynamic as the new technology is.  Consumers are extremely savvy these days and are hungry for rich content and opportunities to engage with their favorite businesses.

031512TabletForecast InsideNEW   Internet MarketingAt Stratosphere Studio we specialize in internet marketing.

We understand what your customers want and we can bring them to you.  We can tell the story behind your brand and turn your leads into sales.

1. E-commerce transaction ease- Make instant changes to your website that allow your customers to transact business with you online through your site. This includes:
- Call to action buttons leading to an offer- click to jump to our call to action page here
- “Schedule an estimate” call to action buttons
- Downloadable coupons
- Downloadable decision making tips and guides

2. Customized landing pages for these offers
3. Short online forms to fill out to receive the information/offer
4. Blogging- done the right way
5. Email Marketing
6. Social Media marketing
7. Keyword tracking

jays results1 Internet Marketing
8. Competitor analysis
9. Careful measurement and tweaking

The name for this process is CONTENT MARKETING or Inbound marketing.

So what is content?

Coca-Cola very elegantly describes it in their Content 2020 video part 2 as the creation of compelling stories distributed through every possible connection in a way that adds value and significance to a consumers life.

Screen Shot 2013 03 17 at 2.24.08 PM Internet Marketing

In other words, it is the creation, packaging and distribution of information, or media to your consumers that will get their attention and benefit their lives.

These types of “packages” can be website pages, blog posts, discounts, coupons, videos, brochures, handouts, etc.

The “connections” are any way that a consumer or prospect comes into contact with your company. It could be via the web, through social media, through word of mouth, through speaking engagements, mobile devices and apps, etc.

By producing this type of content you not only attract consumers of your body shop services, but you also very quickly move them from prospect to customer. The beauty of doing this digitally is that unlike your auto body shop’s physical location, your digital marketing strategy is always on and always open for business 24 hours a day 365 days a year.