Mobile commerce or M-commerce is about the explosion of applications and services that are becoming accessible from Internet-enabled mobile devices. It involves new technologies, services and business models and it’s different from traditional E-commerce.

MobileCommerce Growth 2009 2015 073010  M CommerceMobileCommerce Sales 070511 M Commerce Mobile phones impose very different constraints than desktop computers. But they also open the door to a many new applications and services. They follow you wherever you go, making it possible to look for a nearby restaurant, stay in touch with friends, or pay for items at a store.

As the Internet finds its way into our purses or shirt pockets, the devices we use to access it are becoming more personal too. Already today, mobile phones know the phone numbers of our friends and colleagues. They are starting to track our location and they are replacing our wallets and credit cards.

061412Top500MobileTraffic INSIDE M Commerce The integration of mobile technology to consumers’ everyday lives is the obvious reason as to why more companies should become comfortable with and begin to utilize M-Commerce.