Our partner, Marcus Sheridan

While you are out there researching inbound marketing and content marketing, you are very likely to come across a couple of names: CMI the content marketing Institute The Social Media Examiner Convince and Convert from Jay Baer And Marcus Sheridan and his blog, The sales Lion. To make Marcus’s story short, he was a pool guy, literally, selling and installing pools in Virginia. His company hit a major snag and they were about to go out of business. Searching for an answer to his problem and to stay afloat, he discovered Inbound Marketing, and Hubspot. So Marcus began blogging. His approach was quite unique however. At a time when everyone was blogging to game the search engines (blogging is still a vital part of winning the search engine game), Marcus started blogging answers to commonly asked customer questions. Seems simple tight? It was revolutionary. As such the Internet rewarded him with sales. BIG TIME. One blog post he wrote comparing types of fiberglass pools brought in 1.5 million dollars worth of new sales. Not leads. Sales! He became the number one trafficked website in the US. So he spun off his blog and started talking about how to blog for business. Once again he began blogging about customer questions, and once again was rewarded by traffic leads and sales. So much so that he began a new career as a consultant and speaker on the subject of increasing sales through great blogging and Internet marketing. He was just recently published on the cover of the NY Times business section. Check it out here. We are not only disciples of Marcus’s “they ask, you answer” approach. We are PARTNERS. With our deluxe and Super Deluxe full retainer packages, you actually get the use of Marcus’s blogging expertise. You get one on one coaching with Marcus and Stratosphere and WE (Stratosphere Studio and Marcus Sheridan)  WRITE THE BLOGS FOR YOU! So how can you go wrong? The way it works is for every 10 blog posts you get one hour of coaching. We work with you to develop the titles/topics, and answers to each of those blogs. Next you call in and for one hour you tell us what you want to cover. We record that session and write the blogs for you, in your voice, with your answers, but done in a way that we know for a fact generates leads and sales. Proven results! Ready to get started? d44b0229 4c39 45ef 992f bf91ff702bde Our partner, Marcus Sheridan