What We’re About

Some of our clients are getting over 28,000 visits to the website each month.

We deliver increased web visits, lead conversions and sales.

+ Our shops typically get anywhere from 25-70 marketing qualified leads every single month.
+ Some of our clients are getting over 28,000 visits to the website each month.
+ We have delivered an average of 156% year over year traffic increase and an 89% year over year leads increase.

So, what are we doing that is different from other agencies to drive these results?

Our goal is to build the most powerful and efficient lead generating machine on the internet for
every one of our customers. Here is how we do it:

Our Methodology in Three Parts

Our methodology combines a deep collision industry knowledge,
strong data analysis and the correct messaging built to appeal to the end customer’s inner buying psychology.

Put simply, we are able to deliver the right message to the right person
at the right time, and once dialed in it delivers increased customers month after month.

Part One: Industry Expertise

We only work with transportation industries because that is what we know. You will be hard pressed to find an agency with more expertise in your market than Stratosphere Studio. Why pay you marketing agency to learn your business?

Part Two: Data Driven, Not “Hunch Driven”

We know that the numbers do not lie and so we track every interaction on a customer’s website, from the time a visitor hits the site to the time they convert on a lead. We track everything from the number of visits, time on page, active times, predominant zip codes and a whole lot more.

Revenue Tracking

Each month we pull the list of leads and match them to actual sales in our clients’ own CCC management system to tie the lead to the sale and the exact dollar amount. As we collect this data, our data analysts look for patterns and identify areas for improvement.

A/B Testing

Our Search Engine Optimization team not only keeps each website up to date on SEO best practices, they also work to implement changes identified by our data analysts. We A/B test everything and use the data to help inform marketing decisions. We also track our client’s competitors and use their data to help identify opportunities to out rank and out-perform them.

Part Three: Leveraging Why we Buy” Psychology”

It is easy to market to one’s rational thinking, and completely overlook the irrationality of how people actually buy. The reality is our subconscious minds are processing 100 times the data your conscious brain is right now. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle tweak to the way we word something or position an offer that makes the difference between a sale or a no sale. Yes, there are people who study buyer Psychology (Behavioral Economists), and we have one!
We run messaging from web copy to lead magnets through our Behavioral Economist who helps to tweak the language to appeal to a prospect’s buyer psychology. We leverage the psychology of why we buy and alter the messaging to improve client sales close ratios.

Team Based Approach

Our team of writers, designers, SEO specialists, data analysts, team leaders and our behavioral economist all work together to map out and execute the strategy for each client.

100% Transparent Reporting

Each month we put all of this into a report and share that with our clients to let them know what we did, what we are testing for, and what improvements it is making. We also report back the increase in visits, leads and what the internet sales are for the month down to the last penny. Say goodbye to paying for marketing services and not understanding what you are getting.

Our Proccess

Assess the Situation

We begin by conducting a full assessment of your repair shop’s marketing efforts: your website, traffic, rankings, social media, etc. These metrics are compared to your competitors to give you an understanding of where and how we can improve your marketing strategies.

Fix Immediate Issues

The assessment may reveal issues easier to fix than others. Often this includes small Google SEO problems, small website problems, or branding problems. These are the issues we fix immediately before strategizing your inbound plan.

Build the Machine

The machine consists of an inbound marketing strategy tailored to fit your repair shop’s business needs. This typically includes blogging, lead magnets, social media marketing, and content creation; it runs on a month to month basis providing the afore mentioned deliverables.

Track the Metrics

We measure everything from each web visitor, where and when they convert to leads, and the journey they took through your website. For MSOs, we tie the leads back to your management system, such as CCC, in order to see which leads converted to a sale and their dollar amounts.

Analyze the Data

We dive deep into the data to search for visits, leads, trends, and opportunities to grow. We
use data collected from your web visits and lead conversions each month to refine the user experience on your website.

Refine and Retest

Through A/B testing, data research, tweaks to website language, and brainstorming with
industry experts, we continually refine your site until it is generating consistent leads and sales. This helps us build you the most effective lead generating machine possible.