Social Media

There is a lot of talk about how you can’t outsource your social media. We think you can’t out source it to just anyone. The right partner should understand your brand inside and out, understand your customer inside and out, and be willing to try new things. Otherwise, you get the same annoying generic Facebook posts that every other brand is publishing, Brands who do not take their social media seriously, or participate only because they think they have to.

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare and the rest all have their pluses and utility. Ultimately you want them to drive the conversations to your site. That is where the engagement and discussion should be had, that’s where the conversions and engagement happen. Never depend on the longevity of any particular social media channel for your brand conversations.

At Stratosphere Studio, We don’t just say “you should do social media”. We will study your audience, Identify where they like to hold their conversations and how they like to be approached, and we will develop a strategy for your brand based on where they go to communicate.

Contact us today for advice or a social media plan for your industry.