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30-60 leads per month to your shop just from the internet. Yes it IS possible!

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How would you like to receive 30-60 of these or more in your e-mail in box EACH MONTH?

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Actual client web lead. Names and info have been blurred out

The easiest way to learn about this is to watch this video. In 12 minutes I explain everything you need to know.

Or you can read all about it below the video.

custombar Auto Body Shop Marketing The Inbound Marketing Process for Auto Body Shops

What it is. This is a proven system for attracting visitors to your web site or shop, and converting them to leads.

Everyday people are seeking answers on the internet to auto body questions in your town. They are seeking advice, answers, quotes, recommendations. Most importantly they just want to put their life back together following an accident as fast as possible.

Screen Shot 2013 06 13 at 2.25.25 PM Auto Body Shop Marketing With this digital marketing system, you are simply answering those questions, and making it easy for them to do business with your shop online. But most importantly, they are sending their contact information to your e-mail inbox in exchange for something of value to them, (a discount offer for auto body shop services, an online estimate, free rental car days, an evaluation guide). Different tactics attract different buyers, and this system equips you with everything you need to attract them all.

Why it works

We did not invent this internet marketing system, we have simply mastered it for auto body shops. It works because right now, no body else in your market is doing it or doing it right.

For whatever reason, auto body shops are slow to innovation with regards to internet marketing. Auto Body shops don’t understand how customers use their website, and these same shops don’t understand how to make their site pull in customers.

Shops still view a website as a brochure on the web, and a really bad brochure at that.

If you implement internet marketing properly, you will dominate the market for your shop online in your area. Internet marketing levels the playing field for auto body shops.

Once you put the right pieces in place to start attracting and converting visitor and sales leads, they will e-mail you day and night with their contact information looking to do business with you.

After that all you have to do is call.

Sound like something you might be interested in?

What is involved:

Step 1. Blogging The process begins with blogging for your auto body shop. Simply put, blogging accomplishes two things: 1. It helps get your website ranked by feeding your site with pages, keywords, and phrases customers search for. 2. It helps you get ranked on search engines also known as SEO. There is actually a lot more to it than that which I explain here.

Step 2. Create Calls to Action
A call to action is simple a clickable area of your site which entices a customer to take some sort of action. In the case of a body shop, this can be scheduling an estimate, downloading a coupon, or downloading some type of guide. More information on the Call to action can be found here.

Screen Shot 2013 04 21 at 3.00.07 PM 300x129 Auto Body Shop Marketing

Call to Action button for Auto Body Shop example.

Step 3. Landing pages
When someone clicks a call to action, they are taken to a landing page. This is the offer or the pitch. Good design and good sales copy is required.

Step 4. Forms
The goal is to get a web visitor to give you their contact information in exchange for your special discount, offer, or to schedule an estimate. These short forms are what takes a visitor with just an IP address and converts them into an actual person, with contact information that you can follow up on. Step 5. Lead nurturing. Once the consumer fills out a form on your site, they are immediately sent your coupon or whatever your offer is via e-mail. In turn, you are e-mailed their contact information and you can immediately contact that person to begin to complete the sale.

Step 6. Analytics
The key to making the right decisions is constantly measuring and testing certain metrics such as key words, what people are searching with, what keywords you need to work on and what your competitors are doing. Some of this can be done with Google analytics, but there are additional software options available.

That in a nutshell, is the process we have been implementing to get all of these leads.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about outsourcing your auto body shop marketing, in fact Fenderbender Magazine did a whole article about that.

We specialize in marketing for body shops, marketing auto repair shops and marketing automotive industry suppliers. We use solid and proven internet marketing (also called content marketing) tactics to achieve incredible results for our clients.

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Quick question. How many leads a month does your website generate for your body shop? Don’t know the answer? Then you are doing it wrong!

The number one reason why auto body shops fail at internet marketing and lead generation is because they don’t know how to make their website bring cars into the shop. Collision repair shops don’t measure, they don’t test and they don’t put in any effort. If your website is nothing more than a 5-7 page brochure then you need to rethink your strategy.

Lose the “brochure on the web” mentality and you are halfway there!

Don’t worry, we can help you. This site will teach you everything you need to know.

Internet marketing is not just about SEO and feeding Google. It’s about reaching consumers where they start their search and answering the questions. It’s that simple. Make your business easy to transact with online and you will win the cars per month game.

custombar Auto Body Shop Marketing So what is content?

Coca-Cola very elegantly describes it in their Content 2020 video part 2 as the creation of compelling stories distributed through every possible connection in a way that adds value and significance to a consumers life.

Screen Shot 2013 03 17 at 2.24.08 PM Auto Body Shop Marketing
In other words, it is the creation, packaging and distribution of information, or media to your consumers that will get their attention and benefit their lives.

These types of “packages” can be website pages, blog posts, discounts, coupons, videos, brochures, handouts, etc.

Here are the real life results we have achieved for one of our auto body shop clients in Tucson AZ:
1. The Organic Search per month for O’Reilly has increased 41% from 592 (June 2012) to 837 (Jan 2013)

2. Referrals per month for O’Reilly has increased 139% from 123 (June 2012) to 295 (Jan 2013)

3. Direct Traffic per month for O’Reilly has increased 36% from 224 (June 2012) to 305 (Jan 2013)

Averaging 12.75 Contacts per month – Organic Search

Averaging 7.6 Contacts per month – Referrals

Averaging 9.8 Contacts per month – Direct Traffic

Page Views (Jan 2012 – Jan 2013)

4. The number of page views per month has increased 166% from Jan 2012 (763) to Jan 2013 (2,035)

5. The page is averaging 1,288 views per month over the last 13 months.

6. The number of page views has increased 63% in the last 6 months. (Aug 2012 – 1,242 to Jan 2013 – 2,035)

7. The page is averaging 1,422 views per month over the last 6 months.

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