If you are in the medical field and not using effective marketing strategies for your practice, then you are missing a huge opportunity.  But don’t worry–you have come to the right place.  There is any number of tactics that you can apply, but one of the best and most cost-effective methods involves blogging.

Not a believer yet?  Check out this statistic from Hubspot on the biggest contributing factors for website traffic:

what factors do you attribute to traffic increase MedicalWhy is blogging so successful?  You probably already understand how it populates your website with keywords that visitors might be searching for.  However, the main reason why blogging is so successful is because it can provide your visitors with important, useful content to read.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to do it wrong.  To prevent you from making avoidable blogging mistakes, let me explain how to do it right for your medical practice: 

1.  Start with the right questions.  See your website from a patient’s perspective, not a doctor’s.  What are some questions that your patients frequently ask?  You can probably rattle off a list easily.  Write those questions down and answer each one in individual blog posts.  Be sure to write the questions down exactly as your patients phrase them, because that is precisely how they will be asking the questions in Google.

doctor and patient4 Medical

2.  Use your own, authentic voice.  No patient is searching the internet for a commercial when they have a medical concern, so don’t be overly promotional.  Instead, answer the question clearly and honestly.  You can explain the services you provide, but you’ll turn readers off if you start obviously advertising to them.

3.  Use tracking to become more strategic.  It’s crucial to employ tracking to monitor the success of your blogging and see what keywords and phrases visitors are searching for.  If you are a spine practice and you see that visitors are seeking information about minimally invasive procedures, then be sure to blog more about that subject.  Be the resource that your patients are looking for.

At Stratosphere Studio we specialize in providing content for those in the medical field.  After spending over a year with our medical clients, we have seen major increases in their traffic and leads.  If you are looking for a digital marketing agency to increase your website leads and patient volume, we are here to help!