Top 5 reasons to Use Email Marketing for Your Repair Shop

email marketing for repair shops

Since the internet’s infancy, marketers have been evolving with the web to better reach their audience. As the internet has grown over the years, digital marketing strategies, including email marketing have done their best to maintain relevancy. One question still asked to this day is: “is email still important to users?” And, the answer is… Read more »


Using eBooks for Your Repair Shop’s Marketing Strategy

using eBooks for Repair shop websites

As a repair shop, finding ways to keep your audience engaged can be tough. Creating smart, relevant content is the best way to help your repair business stand out amongst the rest. The more helpful content you put out there for your consumers, the more you will appear as an authority on topics related to… Read more »


What is lifecycle marketing for collision repair shops?

We use a lot of different terms in the marketing world, so it can be confusing to keep up with all of them—especially as technology expands our opportunities for communication.  One of the biggest terms you might be hearing a lot lately is “lifecycle marketing.”  If you run a collision repair shop, perhaps someone suggested… Read more »