What special events could I host at my auto body shop?

August 8 2013

special event 300x132 What special events could I host at my auto body shop?

Are you a shop that is newly-established in your area and looking for creative ways to spread the word about your services?  Or have you been around for a few decades, but want to reinvigorate your business?  One of the best ways you can accomplish these tasks is by hosting special events at your collision repair facility.

Lots of body shop owners are hesitant to invite groups of people into their shops.  Perhaps they just don’t have a lot of space or maybe their shops are in dire need of heavy-duty cleaning.  Of course you’ll need to consider these factors and any other problems that might limit your ability to host an event. 

However, if your primary issue is that you’re simply unsure of what to do, then keep reading for some easy ideas!

open house 300x225 What special events could I host at my auto body shop?

·         Hold an open house.  If you’re in a close-knit community, an open house can be particularly successful.  Even if you’re in a big town, it’s still a good idea to get to know your neighbors.  Another factor to consider is that people tend to be more receptive to an environment that they’re familiar with.  Therefore, by inviting your neighbors into your facility, you’re giving them a chance to check you out before deciding on your services.  Just make sure that you provide plenty of great food, drinks, and conversation.

·         Feature custom work.  Are you a shop that does some excellent custom work?  Then go ahead and show it off!  Host an event in which your custom pieces are spotlighted.  Be sure to invite your friends and family, as well as any car enthusiasts in the area.  Offer discounts to event-goers who are interested in having work done on their vehicles.   

car show 300x300 What special events could I host at my auto body shop?

·         Host a car show.  For a body shop with available lot space, this is a no-brainer!  Invite community members and people in nearby towns to bring their cars in for a show.  Perhaps hold a contest for the best vehicle in various categories, depending on how big the event is.  Again, have great food and drinks.  Live music would be a great bonus. 

·         Hold a fundraiser.  A fundraiser is a generous and wonderful way to get involved in your community.  Choose a charity that’s important to you and your staff, and invite people in to help raise money for a good cause. 

If you do host a special event at your collision repair shop, just be sure that your facility is in tip-top condition.  Naturally, you’ll want to show it off in the best possible light. 

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