Why does blogging work for auto dealerships?

October 1 2013

content marketing1 270x300 Why does blogging work for auto dealerships?

At Stratosphere Studio, we’ve run across plenty of skeptics when it comes to using blogging as a marketing tool.  Many auto dealership owners don’t realize that blogging is a surefire way to dramatically boost your website traffic.  As a digital marketing agency that specializes in auto dealership marketing, we’ve seen firsthand how well blogging works for our clients. 

If you’ve tracked the numbers and seen that your website is experiencing low traffic and little interest, then you should consider the ways a blog could boost your website traffic and, therefore, your auto dealership sales.

online marketing 300x200 Why does blogging work for auto dealerships?

#1. It makes your website a valuable resource for customers.
I’m sure you’ve heard hundreds of questions from customers at your car dealership.  Well, just imagine how many people in your area are typing those same questions into Google right now.  With your blog, you can become the resource that your customers are looking for.  Don’t let them turn to your competitor down the street; be the helpful, knowledgeable dealership they’re looking for online right now. 

#2. It allows you to plant your top keywords on your site.
When it comes to marketing your auto dealership online, you need to boost your search engine rankings so that more people will find your site.  The more traffic you generate, the more business you’ll earn.  In order to boost your search engine rankings, you need to fill your website with the right keywords and keyword phrases.  This is something that blogging can accomplish most effectively—it gives you a place to discuss all the ins and outs of your dealership, while allowing you to plant the keywords you need. 

#3. It sets you apart from all other auto dealerships.
Think about it—how many other car dealerships in your area are blogging?  Based on our research, it’s highly unlikely that anyone in your region is.  It’s just not a tool that auto dealership owners are making use of right now.  So this is the perfect opportunity for you to stand out among your competition.   

leads 300x157 Why does blogging work for auto dealerships?

#4. It helps you with lead acquisition.
By blogging and providing helpful content for your customers, you will generate much more interest in your site.  This is your chance to invite your many new visitors to try your dealership for their needs.  In every blog entry you post, add a relevant and enticing special offer (a call to action), and link it to a great landing page.  This has been a very successful technique for our clients and has helped our top shops to earn over 50 extra leads each month. 

Does your auto dealership marketing need help? 
If you’re tired of agonizing over your car dealership marketing, then give Stratosphere Studio a call.  We are offering low-cost trial packages that can match anyone’s budget.  We specialize in marketing for the automotive industry and work with some of the top auto dealerships, auto repair shops, and auto body shop across the country.  If you’re ready to bring more business to your dealership, give us a call today. 

leadsbook cover shops Why does blogging work for auto dealerships?
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