Why isn’t my auto dealership website showing up in Google?

September 12 2013

get on google page 1 resized 600.jpg 300x225 Why isn’t my auto dealership website showing up in Google?

Naturally, when you develop a website for your auto dealership, you hope that it will not only explain your services, but that it will also bring you more customers.  Yet, how can you accomplish anything if you’re not even showing up on Google?  Many of our automotive clients had this same problem before they came to Stratosphere Studio, but now they are showing up on the first page of search engines consistently. 

In order to improve your search engine status, it’s time to take a step back and review what you might be doing wrong:

Analysis 300x249 Why isn’t my auto dealership website showing up in Google?

You’re not including the right keywords and keyword phrases.  You’ll need to anticipate the kinds of questions that people will type into Google in order to research car dealerships and use those keyword phrases throughout your website.  Are you having trouble coming up with ideas?  Simply think about a typical day at your dealership and write down the questions customers ask.  And make sure you write the questions down exactly as people say them.  When you work in the automotive industry, you might use more technical language than a layperson, so you’ll need to consider how someone without your expertise would type a question into Google.

You’re not using social media to your advantage.  Social networking is one of the best ways to spread the word about your auto dealership website and services.  Plus, it’s free!  If you use social media (like Google+, which directly influences the search engine), then you can boost your visitor numbers, which will make your website more relevant in searches.

You’re not blogging.  Blogging is one of the best things you can do for your auto dealership website to both increase traffic and generate leads.  Instead of letting your website become stagnant due to inactivity, blogging allows you to provide fresh, compelling content on a regular basis, which makes your site more attractive to visitors and, therefore, to Google.  It gives you a chance to input the right keyword phrasing for search engine optimization and it offers the perfect opportunity for targeted calls to action.

blogging3 300x225 Why isn’t my auto dealership website showing up in Google?

You’re not blogging the right way.  To be an effective blogger for your auto dealership’s website, make sure that your posts are helpful and interesting to your customers. Aim for the right blog length, which is in the 500-600 word range.  Also, be sure to include plenty of images to make your content easier to digest.  And don’t forget to use the right keyword phrasing to attract visitors.

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leadsbook cover shops Why isn’t my auto dealership website showing up in Google?
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