How to write an eBook for your auto dealership

December 6 2013

writing 300x199 How to write an eBook for your auto dealership

If you’ve been following our blog posts for a while, then you’ve become well-versed in the art of blogging, developing calls to action, and converting your auto dealership website visitors into leads.  You probably know all about what kinds of incentives to offer to your website visitors in order to convert them into leads, such as special offers for your services or the option of scheduling an appointment online.  There is another type of incentive we’ve touched on before and that’s the offer of downloadable content, which might be a simple one-sheet guide to the auto dealerships in your city or it could be something as big an eBook about purchasing a car or having one serviced and repaired. 

Are you ready to try offering an eBook to your auto dealership website visitors? 
As an agency that specializes in marketing for car dealerships, we’ve had a great deal of success with providing content in the form of an eBook on our clients’ websites.  If done well, your eBook could help bring you a substantial increase in the number of leads generated through your website, while also providing useful information to your customers.

If you’re ready to get to work on your first eBook, here are some tips for getting started:

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·         Perfect your blog-writing skills first.  If you’re fairly new to content marketing and even lengthy writing in general, it would be too much of a challenge to dive right into writing an eBook at the moment.  Instead, give yourself time to hone your writing skills by focusing on your blog posts.  Develop your own writing voice, learn which topics are most appealing to your website visitors, and build up a healthy amount of material.    

·         Develop the right topic for your eBook.  Unlike your blog, where you only have a small amount of space to share your information, an eBook gives you lots of pages to fill.  Therefore, when you’re coming up with your eBook topic it’s best to think about the whole product before you get into specifics.  Plan your outline carefully, determining how many chapters you’ll have, what subtopics each one will address, and how each chapter will serve the overall topic. 

·         Make sure your eBook is visually interesting.  Since you’ll be providing a lot of content for your reader to digest, be sure to include plenty of photos and diagrams, as well as background colors and font changes.  Invest your time in making every aspect of your eBook worth your reader’s attention.

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·         Use passages from your blog posts.  If you’ve already addressed part of your topic in a blog, feel free to use that passage in your eBook.  There’s always the chance that your reader already came across that blog post prior to reading your eBook, but this will give you an opportunity to go into more detail, since you’ll have the additional space.

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