Geofencing Working for North Carolina Shop in Highly Competitive Area

Owner Brian Davies at Body Works Plus in Charlotte, NC, has 22 years in the body shop life. His career path was to become a mechanical engineer, so Davies isn’t afraid of new emerging technology. He knows the value of digital marketing, online reviews, landing pages, and targeted Facebook and Instagram ads. 

Davies said there are more than 60 competing shops in his vicinity, with Davies creating geofences surrounding 10 of them. “There are some big dealerships and MSOs in there, so we’ve chosen the ones we want to focus on. If we can get a customer to come here, I am pretty sure that we can get that repair, so good leads are like gold.” 

Body Works Plus Owner Brian Davies

When he learned about geofencing, Davies wasn’t afraid to give it a shot. He saw it as the best way to reach people in that collision repair “sweet spot”–before they select a shop and are still willing to pursue another company. “Another advantage of using geofencing is longevity because ads will continue to appear after the user exits the geofenced area,” he said. “Precise trackability is also a key part of geofencing because it enables us to analyze how many people enter our flagged locations; how many click our ads, and how many leads are converted into new business.” 

“Accessing this type of information on your own is almost impossible to do without the proper tools and the right company to support you,” he said. “Implementing location-based marketing that’s focused on driving foot traffic to our location via paid social media ads. By working with the people at Stratosphere Studio, we’ve streamlined the process and provide accurate results that we can track easily.” 

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