Mechanical Repair Shop Values Data Derived from Geofencing

Paul Speck has owned Rivergate Muffler & Auto Repair in Madison, TN since 2017, when he acquired this 20-year-old shop that offers the full gamut of mechanical repair services. He made it through the pandemic and is now motivated to get new customers. He works on both domestic and Asian vehicles and has always been looking for the right forms of marketing and advertising to reach his goals. 

The Madison Rivergate Chamber of Commerce honored Rivergate Muffler and Auto Repair as the Best Mechanic in town in 2021, 2020, and 2019. The shop has a tremendous reputation with hundreds of 5-star online reviews from happy customers. Business is good, but Speck realizes that he always needs to do advertising and marketing to stay ahead of the competition. 

Speck tried radio advertising a while back, but it didn’t get him the results he needed. He said he is not afraid to spend money if he’s getting a bang for his buck. “If it gets results, we are definitely willing to try it. That’s why we like to do trackable marketing so that we always know where we stand.” 

Luckily, he was able to find out about geofencing from a trade group out of Nashville, TN, when he discovered that other shops in the Volunteer State were using geofencing for recruitment. “They were finding technicians at competing locations and reaching out to them with geofencing,” he said. “At that same exact moment, a Capture the Keys ad appeared on my cellphone. So, I thought wow—I need to learn more about this.” 

After he saw a demo performed by Thomas Zoebelein, the owner of Stratosphere Studio, Speck was impressed and ready to sign up. “Other forms of advertising weren’t bringing us the results we wanted,” Speck said. “We were doing radio ads, and they didn’t work for us in this market. We are now doing the geofencing and other things in conjunction with some direct mail, and it has been a success. We collect peoples’ email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers.”

Speck said that he covets from the data he derives from his geofencing efforts. “We can get so much information about potential customers through geofencing and other techniques that Stratosphere Studio offers us. This includes peoples’ mailing and email addresses and what devices they’re using, for example. So, we take that information and mail them cards directly, which is working well.” 

A Complete, Custom Package

Speck also values the support that he gets from Tina Zorn, his rep at Stratosphere Studio. “We talk at least every month and I get a video report that really spells out what we’re doing,” he said. “Sometimes, we tweak the program, and blend in some different things to see what we get. Stratosphere Studio gives me all the analytics, so I always know my numbers, which is great. I know where I am getting the most traffic and those are the areas we want to focus on. Tina and all the people at Stratosphere are working with us to get the most out of what we’re doing. It includes geofencing, but it’s a complete package, custom designed for us.” 

Speck likes the fact that he can connect with first-time customers and stay in touch with them through direct mail and digital marketing. “Once we get a name, we can offer them all kinds of services,” he said. “Then once we do a job for them, it’s likely that we will get them for everything, from scheduled maintenance, lube, oil and filter changes, brakes, mufflers, diagnostics, electrical, emissions, etc. If we can get that lead, we have a really good chance of getting them as a customer.” 

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