Utah Shop Owner Uses Geofencing Successfully in 3 Different Industries 

TJ Gockley, the owner of Dent Master in Lehi, UT, is winning with geofencing, and not just for his body shop. In every case, it has worked work well for his body shop, RV/large truck repair business, and a cabinet distribution company.

“When we were first approached about geofencing, we looked at it very carefully and did our research, Gockley said. “We saw that it was ideal for our body shop because we can target our competitors precisely. So, we gave it a shot, and with the help of Stratosphere Studio, we have been setting new sales records every month at Dent Master.” 

Once Gockley saw that geofencing was working well to get leads for his body shop, he decided to try it for one of his other businesses. “I also have a cabinet distribution company that I started last summer, and that’s probably where I’ve seen the biggest results with geofencing. We were just starting at that time, and geofencing enabled us to double our business within a month of getting those ads. It gave us a great start and we were rolling along from there.” 

Gockley explained that geofencing is the only way to reach a customer right after an accident, and that’s why he uses it. “We know from our experience that the average customer will be calling their insurance company and looking around for body shops within 48 to 72 hours—that seems to be the norm. If we can get to the vehicle owner within the first two days, we have a chance to get that car here in our shop.” 

Without any Direct Repair Partnerships (DRPs) Gockley has to work harder and smarter to get new customers. “I think in the end, it has helped us to build better relationships with our customers. They’re more loyal because we can take better care of them. But because of that, we had to be a little more involved with marketing in order to get our share of the market, and geofencing has been a big part of that.” 

Once he witnessed the power of geofencing firsthand, Gockley decided to use it again for a different aspect of his collision repair business. “We are starting to work on RVs, so we began geofencing competing RV/large truck repair companies and local RV dealerships. We got leads right off the bat and it has continued to work for us in the RV repair business sector. So, I have used geofencing for three different purposes and in each case, it has come through. That’s why I am all-in with geofencing!” 

The trackability provided by geofencing is another advantage that Gockley values. “Everyone who responds goes to a landing page, so we know how they get there. I also know that we’re getting multiple leads off of HubSpot from our unique landing page. I know the new customers are coming from the geofencing or the Google ads that we are doing. But I’m pretty convinced that a lot of it is from the geofencing because we actually launched with the Google ads and Facebook ads a couple of months before we did with the geofencing, and those leads definitely increased after we began geofencing.” 

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