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Jamie Bernier

Chief Marketing Officer


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Our Mission

Founded in 2011, Stratosphere Studio was created for one purpose:
to deliver customers.

We developed a six-step method that will attract customers to your business, convert them to leads and help you close more leads into sales. For the past seven years, we have continued to grow and challenge ourselves to offer the best digital marketing services to the transportation industry. We are proud to create content that truly matters for our clients, using the skills we are so passionate about sharing with the world.

What's The Story With The Van?

When you specialize in delivering customers, you need a delivery van right? Our 1965 Ford Econoline van, nicknamed Baxter, serves as a visual metaphor for delivering customers to our clients. It’s also our mobile website assessment lab and trade show booth (it fits perfectly in a 10’x20′ space!). Baxter helps represent us at shop visits, car shows, and any corporate events we get asked to attend. As we’ve mentioned, we don’t just “talk-the-talk”, we “walk-the-walk”. Our Econoline van was fully restored start to finish by Stratosphere Studio’s founder, Tom Zoebelein.

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