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Quote | “We exist to build the business of our clients. The recommendations we make should be the recommendations we would make if we owned their companies”

– David Ogilvy, Advertising Executive
Sales and Marketing tactics that we employ:

Internet Marketing

When we started in 2011, we were one of the first companies to do inbound marketing for transportation and repair shops. Right away we were able to help customers dominate Google for the keywords relevant to their business, but we were also able to demonstrate how we can attract visitors and convert them so sales for the business or shop in large volumes each month. Some of our shops are getting over 40 customers a month every month.

For local businesses a quality Internet marketing program has more moving pieces than just working to stay on Google’s first page for a set of keywords. Now companies need to dominate the Google local results page (called the ‘Three stack”), they need to manage their online reputations, and they need to nurture their websites much like a gardener tends to a garden.

For each one of our customers, we utilize a mix of software tools such as Hubspot, Moz Pro, and AHREFS, to help us maximize our efforts, monitor the health of your website, extrapolate the data from your site’s visitors and we continually tweak the website to maximize the performance.


Web Design

A good website design can act as a salesman for your business working 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Websites are important because it is the foundation of your online presence and it’s where all your online marketing activity is directed. An appealing web design will attract attention and influence customers and it can build your brand, reputation, and sales. You can’t simply rely on an active Facebook account to serve as your business or shop’s website. This is a mistake we see all the time.

We can help you build out a new site or execute changes to create an effective website. The site would be clean, easy to use, easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and needs to tell your story through great copy and professional photography. I addition to the basic website architecture, it should serve the needs of your online customers, allowing them to easily schedule an appointment for your services.

Check out a few examples of our work below:





Search Engine Optimization

Every business wants to be on top of the first page of Google. And you can certainly go and find companies in other countries willing to charge you $70 a month to perform “SEO”. But the problem is these companies are always looking to game the system, a methodology that will always get you penalized and blacklisted.

Many of these companies will send you a list of “monthly tactics” which are really just tasks that you only need to do one time (We’re talking about you “Google webmaster submission”), but will charge you month after month and not actually do anything.

Our philosophy has always been to focus on your customer and create dynamic and shareable content that answers their questions. It is a simple philosophy but it works every time, ranks your pages well and generated leads. Contact us to learn more about how this works.

Google search boat repair near me

Geo Targeting and Local SEO

If you have a repair shop of any kind (Auto RV Marine or Aircraft), you should be focused on Geo targeting your website on search engines. What his means is trying to get your site ranked for your key word plus your city/town/territory.

For many of our customers, this also means getting found on Google maps or even in the coveted “three stack” of the google maps results.

This is something we can assist our customers with and have had a lot of success. There is a process for fixing this and it does take time an effort.

Screen shot of google three stack local results

Google My Business Management & Assistance

Because Google has changed its products over time and often with confusing name changes, old products like Google places, Google places for Business, and Google maps have merged to create Google My Business profiles. We come a cross a lot of businesses who have never claimed the profile and don’t know how to claim it, or had an ex employee do it years ago and now they cant get their listing. Most of the time we get these calls when a bad review shows up or a weird picture shows up that a user uploaded.

Not to worry, we can fix this, and we have an affordable flat rate to fix your Google my business problems.

Google my business listing example

Reputation Management

The second thing companies ask us after getting their Google My Business page claimed and up to date, is to assist them in addressing their online reviews or “reputation management”. Google likes to see constant attention paid to your reviews both good and bad, and reviews are absolutely a ranking factor for Google. Some companies simply do not have the time or the manpower to dedicate to their online reputation.

If you need help with your reputation management on Google, Yelp, or any other common review sites, we can help address issues, manage responses, fix problems and monitor the web for reviews.

Google reputation management example

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a tactic that we can assist you with for your business, but if you are looking to do social media just because you want to help your rankings, please understand that Social Media itself is not a ranking factor.

Posting three times a week with nothing important to say is a wasted effort and wasted money if you are hiring the wrong people to do it. Having said all that, social media can be an excellent resource to communicate with your customers and is an excellent vehicle to help spread your content while allowing your customers to easily share it.

The key is to post relevant and fresh content to your social media. When done properly, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube can be an asset to your marketing mix.

Be cautious of agencies that tell you that you absolutely must be on social media, and insist on posting simply for the sake of charging billable hours. With this strategy, you end up with the same annoying and generic Facebook posts that every other company is publishing, especially the ones who do not take their social media seriously, or participate only because they think they have to.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media is also a good tool for advertising especially if you want to be very specific in your targeting. Social media advertising allows you to target by geography, by interest, by demographic etc.

Contact us today for advice or a social media plan for your company.
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Account Based Marketing (ABM)

IF you are looking to target a specific type of business, take fleet accounts as an example, and you needed help identifying prospects, targeting them, reaching out to them and beginning a sales pitch to them, Account-based marketing might be just what you need.

Account-based marketing is kind of like a hybrid of inbound marketing and tried and true outbound sales. While inbound marketing is designed to draw in visitors and prospects based on an industry, product or solution, Account-based marketing focuses on individual accounts. Let’s say for example you wanted to target fleet work for your auto body repair shop. Targeting specific businesses or “accounts” that have fleets is the most efficient way to get fleet customers.

Account-based marketing, at least by our definition, involves researching specific businesses to target, and developing and executing a digital strategy to attract those customers and then convert them from visits to leads. This could be a combination of content, ads, drip marketing, email marketing, social media, and even traditional advertising in order to get the attention of your targeted account and begin that buyers journey. Account-based marketing also involves market research and identifying prospective customers for a business.

Insurance Company and DRP Marketing

If you run a repair shop and you need more insurance work, we can help you with DRP marketing. We realize DRP’s are not for everyone, but many of our shops and especially our regional MSO’s often need help getting their shops turned on at every location.

We can help you contact DRP’s craft promotional materials and pitches and offer consultation to your shop to help you win more work. We have solid relationships with executives from several major insurance companies.

Video Production

Video production is becoming more and more important in the future of internet marketing. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year. More than 80% of all web traffic is projected to be video based by 2019.

At Stratosphere Studio, we have been producing videos with our strategic partners for nearly a decade. We can script, shoot, voice and edit videos to help you get your message across. We have just about any piece of video production equipment (and the experts to run it) you could need through our partners at

Graphic Design and Branding

All marketing requires some graphic design, whether it is web design, a logo refresh, or even a traditional postcard mailer. We have design capabilities in-house as well as with our partner Gerhart Ink for larger projects such as a complete re-brand, or ad campaign.

Ward Automotive

Ward Automotive

Graphic Design Services

Banner ads, print ads, signage, vehicle wraps, you name it. We can do it all. Just click the button below to get started.

Trade Show Marketing and Exhibits

(redirect from https://stratospherestudio.com/trade-show-booths-portfolio/

While we are not what you would consider a traditional exhibit house, after fifteen years in the trade show industry prior to founding Stratosphere Studio, we have the expertise, and resources to get you a new trade show booth designed, built or rented often at a much lower cost than you will find at a traditional exhibit house because we do not have the overhead that an exhibit company does. We are also resellers for smaller modular and portable exhibits and we can offer those direct to you as well as supply you with the graphic design.

Portfolio of Trade Show Booths


If sales at your business are suffering, and you don’t know what to do, turn to Stratosphere Studio to solve your online marketing needs.

Finally! A marketing agency that speaks your language and has a solid track record of getting significant leads for automotive businesses just like yours. If you have been burned by so-called digital marketing experts in the past, supercharge your web presence with a company who can actually deliver. All we do is transportation marketing, and we know your business.

We Talk Shop!

Digital Strategy

With so many tactics, how do you tell which one your business needs? Let us craft a winning digital marketing strategy that will bring the sales you desire.

Website Design

We specialize in quick turn and clean websites that allow your business to shine. Web design styles and trends change all the time. Let us build a website for you that can grow with the needs of your business.

Local SEO

There is a list of elements that you must master to get a website to rank within a local geographic location. Let Stratosphere's experts manage your SEO to drive traffic to your business.

Social Marketing

Social media is an important part of a marketing strategy. We can help in crafting a strategy and managing the posts for you.

Content Marketing

We are able to create web content and blogs that attract customers to your door. Because we know your business and your audience, our blogging strategies have brought customers up to 200% traffic increases.

Lead Generation

We help convert web visitors to solid immediate leads using special offers, video, downloadable content, landing pages, forms and other conversion materials.

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