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We may not be the best fit if:


Our track record was built upon one fundamental mission: We deliver customers. This is done through actual sales conversions by utilizing proven internet marketing tactics to attract visitors to your website or business. Our methods take time, labor, digital tools, and investment.

We receive field calls almost every day from customers looking to hire us to fix their marketing and sales problems. However, we are not always a fit for everyone, and that is ok. We have created a product (see Parts and Labor), which includes, training, tools, and our special methodologies to help shops operate at the fraction of the cost.

For our full turn-key monthly retainer marketing services, we are not the best fit if:

You need customers immediately or you are uncertain about your business’ future.

Sadly, we get calls like this from time to time. And unfortunately, we must emphasize digital marketing is not a short-term-instant-fix.

You do not want to invest in a website.

Many businesses, especially repair shops, often think customers come from word of mouth, insurance, or drive-bys. And that’s true to an extent; however, that isn’t always the case in today’s world. The internet has become the dominating force when it comes to information, so we prioritize web-based marketing to draw in customers.

You are unable to put in a long-term commitment.

It takes time to generate substantial traffic and leads through the internet. And while our contracts do offer protections from poor performance, we work best with customers who understand this is a cumulative process that builds over time. It’s an investment that ultimately pays off; however, we typically ask for a 6 month minimum to 12-month retainer contracts.

You are currently unable to invest in the process.

We have customers who earn 20 to 1 in returns based on what they spend and receive. And our services are an investment that pays off in multiples of ROI; however, it’s important to view digital marketing as a room for growth rather than an expense.

You are looking for the lowest price company.

There are thousands of SEO companies who will gladly sell you a service for just a couple hundred dollars a month. We are not one of those companies. Our team is passionate about digital marketing and we prioritize delivering the results you are looking for.

You’re not willing to “think big” when it comes to content marketing.

At Stratosphere Studio, we want to work with the best when it comes to content marketing. Which means companies must be committed, forward-thinking, and willing to trust our direction and suggestions.

National Auto body repair conglomerates.

We are not set up to help repair shops with a national presence. We are better suited to a regional MSO or single shop owner.

Quote | “Don’t count the people you reach, reach the people who count”
– David Ogilvy, Advertising Executive
Who we are an excellent fit for.

We have two proven revenue generation offerings, our full turnkey retainer service offering, and our DIY revenue generation program. Each option is designed to fit a specific group of customers. Check out the pricing tab for more on those options.

We are an excellent fit for:

1. Auto, RV, Marine and Aerospace repair shops who are aggressive in their growth plans.
2. Companies who sell products to and do business with transportation industries.
3. Regional MSO’s looking to grow their customer base.
4. RV Repair shops- We are getting our RV repair shops nearly $200,000 a month in revenue every month.

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