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Case Study | $59,302 in new business in 30 days, $708,624 in 365.

Stratosphere Studio was a real asset to me when we needed to gain control of our website presence, and make the changes we needed to drive more business.
– Brad Pogachefsy, President, Admiral Auto body (now Caliber), Mays Landing New Jersey.


Just imagine what we could do for your business.


$59,302 in new revenue in thirty days. $709,624 in 365 days. That is how much revenue we are generating (as of this writing) each and every month for one of our auto body repair customers and we are always working to top it. What could your automotive business do with that kind of additional revenue each month?

A lot of marketing agencies claim to be experts in your field, or simply experts in SEO or digital marketing.

But can they show you the money? We can!
Stratosphere Studio truly is a team of specialists in generating revenue for automotive related industries, and especially auto mechanical and auto body repair shops. We know what it takes to get customers to the doors of your auto repair shop, auto dealership or if you are an auto industry supplier, we know how to get you more automotive related customers. All we do is transportation lead generation.

Need more proof? Oftentimes when industry publications such as FenderBender Magazine and Ratchet + Wrench need a digital marketing expert for an article, they call us. Here are just a few issues that we have been featured in.

Fender Bender Magazine issues Stratosphere Studio has been featured in

A few issues that have featured Stratosphere Studio

Quote | “Profits are the ultimate measure of how efficiently we provide customers with the best products for their needs. Profits are required to survive and grow.”

– Henry Ford II, Ford Motor Company,

Even a word of mouth referral gets a Google search before they call these days, so ask yourself this, does your online presence match the same quality and reputation that was just given to your referral? Would you call your shop based on your web presence? Can you even find yourself online?


Automotive industry businesses that we typically help:




  • – Auto Body / Collision Repair shops
    – New and used car and truck dealers
    – Automotive parts manufacturers and suppliers
    – Auto mechanics
    – Auto restoration and custom shops
    – Auto upholstery shops
    – Companies that sell products software or services to the automotive market.

Don’t see your business listed? Contact us if your business operates in the automotive marketplace and you need our services.

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What we do

Our focus is always on generating a massive ROI for every dollar you spend. If you could buy a $20 bill for $1, how many would you buy? That is an actual ROI our customers are getting through our services.

If your website has no mechanisms for gaining visitors and then converting visitors to sales, we can help.

Stratosphere Studio RV repair shop case study


How we generate revenue for your Auto business



Our Auto Industry marketing services include:

– Web design
– Search Engine Optimization
– Inbound Marketing
– Account Based Marketing
– Social Media Marketing
– Paid search and Paid Social Marketing (SEM)
– GEO Targeting and Local SEO
– Google My Business Assistance and Management
– Reputation Management
– Insurance and DRP Marketing


Although a lot of these tactics are marketing tactics, When done right, they are really sales generating tactics and the specific needs of your business are likely to encompass any number of these needs.

Why it works for auto industry customers

Here is the basic formula for web conversions that by now is pretty standard:

Step One: Get you found online- Build a website, fix or replace an outdated one.
Step Two: Get your site ranking – utilizing the most current SEO tactics
Step Three: Create trip wire content and lead conversion pieces.
Step Four: Convert those leads to sales
Step 5: Track and refine the buying journey
Step 6: Report back to our customers.

How we implement this strategy for automotive businesses

First of all, we begin with the “they ask, you answer” mantra. We are better than any agency in the marketplace today in leveraging blogging and the long tail keyword to get you found and attract auto repair customers or customers looking to buy cars and trucks who are in-market and in your specific geography. If you are an auto repair shop or dealership, we can get you leads!

If you are an automotive industry supplier, geography is less important, but we can help you get customers through a similar formula or through the use of very targeted account based marketing.

Quote | “What really persuades the consumer to buy, or not to buy, is the content of your advertising – not the form”

– David Olgivy, Famous Advertising Executive,

Google Worthy Content.

Inbound Marketing Process for automotive customers
Answering customer questions

Your customers and prospects are searching for automotive answers online every single day. They are “asking”. We “answer” these questions through blogging, and the copy on your web pages. This is a long tail keyword approach and it absolutely works. We have proven it year after year and customer after customer.

Lead Conversion Materials

Next, we will work with you to create special offers, or clickable trip wire content that will convert visitors to leads. This can be as simple as providing the ability to get an online estimate, all the way to getting a series of guides, white papers or other premium content. We provide the content that answers the customer question in exchange for their contact information and you new have a web lead.

Analytics and Reporting

But it doesn’t stop there. We are a data driven agency and we measure everything. We can tell you how many visits your site is getting, who the leads are and what the buyer journey was to get them there. We connect every lead to your sales through your customer database (like CCC1 or other similar databases) and track every bit of data to pick up on search and buyer patterns. We report back our findings, make recommendations and tweak the formula to maximize the return on your investment. Our relationship is always collaborative and transparent. We will report back to you with our findings and conduct in person meetings once a quarter or more frequently as needed.

There is a lot more to discuss, and we are happy to do a free consultation. Click here to schedule yours.
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