How To Hire Us

We Offer Packages To Fit ALL Budgets.

There are three ways to put Stratosphere Studio’s expertise to work delivering new customers to your business.

The main difference between the three options is the speed with which you will start getting more customers, the level of effort you need to put forth and how fast you need to start seeing a payoff.

Quote | “Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.”.

– Warren Buffet, American Businessman.

Three ways to put us to work for you.

For Free

Time to first customer-depends on you.
Level of effort- 100%

Best fit for businesses who are just getting started and have no budget for marketing yet.

We have spent years engaged in the continual education of our prospects and customers. You are welcome to comb through all of our blogs, download our e-books, watch our videos and educate yourself enough to put our strategies and techniques to work in your business. We have grouped a lot of this content into a single page of links. Click ‘learn more’ to be taken there.

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With Some Assistance
For $99/month

Time to first customers 1-3 months.
Effort level 50%.

Best fit for businesses doing less than $1M/year gross revenue.

In an effort to bridge the gap between those who need our help but cannot afford a turn-key full-service package, and those who are ready to hire us full time, we have created a product that we call “Parts and Labor”, a DIY customer acquisition program.

With “Parts and Labor”, you supply the labor, we supply the parts and training, and together we help you build the online sales and revenue generation machine to grow your business.

If you get stuck on any of the asks, we can offer you a by-the-hour rate to help get you past any snags.

Click “learn more” for a list of features.

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Full Turn-Key solution
Starting at $1,500- $2,500/ month per location (depends on the size of the territory).

Time to first customer 0-3 months
Effort level 0-25% .

Best fit for businesses doing 1M+.

Our customers have achieved up to a 35:1 ROI for each dollar spent on us managing their marketing. Our goal is to deliver multiple customers each moth and more than pay for services.

Depending on the specific industry and your geographic reach, our monthly fee can range from $1,500- $2,500/month per location.

If you are a larger MSO, or have multiple locations, we can often work out a scope of work that will meet your goals and fall within budget.

Click ‘Learn More’ to start a discussion about your needs.

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Quote | “It is not good business unless both buyer and seller gain by it”

– Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company,
Best for start ups
  • Learn from us

  • Free Education

    Read all of our blogs.

    Download our e books.

    Teach yourself how to be a digital marketer for your business.

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Best for business under $1M
  • DIY Digital Marketing

    With our help$99/month
  • We supply the content, training videos, worksheets and step by step guides every month, you simply supply the labor and post it to your site.

    Learn our tested and proven blog techniques that generate leads.

    Learn how to fix your Google My Business issues, and how to improve your ranking.

    Learn Search Engine Optimization and how to convert visitors into paying customers & so much more!

    For just a couple of hours per week, we can train anyone in your company to be a lead generating digital marketer for your business!

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Best for business $1M+
  • Full turn key solution

    Let us handle it all for you$1,500/MoStarting Rate Per month per location
  • Complete Website & SEO management.

    Content creation to generate visits and leads.

    Social Media Marketing

    Analytics and performance tracking and reporting.

    Reputation Management.

    And much more -Let’s discuss your needs and budget to fine tune a winning program for you.

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One-off project needs.

Sometimes you just need a project or task completed, and we can work on a project basis as well. Below are a couple of examples:

Website Design

Need a new website? We can help! Our websites start at $3,500 for a complete turn-key website. Contact us for a quote.

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Google My Business Page

Having trouble finding your business on the maps results? Need to rank higher in the My business results? The former employee claimed the page and you need help getting it back? Got weird pictures showing up that you need to get rid of? (these are actual examples of issues people have asked us to fix).
We can fix that! We typically charge $500.00 flat rate for the first location. If you have a bunch of locations we can work out a discounted price.

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Having a problem that you do not see listed?

Tell us about it. We’re happy to help.

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