Problems we solve

As a repair shop, you make a living fixing people’s problems.

So do we.

The only the difference is, we fix repair shop problems. Generally speaking the problems we fix have to do with websites, lead generation, lead conversions and sales.

Specifically here are a dozen of the most common problems that we solve:

1. I’m frustrated with my SEO firm and their poor results.
2. I can’t find my business when I type in “repair shop + (town name)”.
3. Why are smaller businesses showing up in the three top spots on Google maps, and mine is not?
4. My website is non-existent and I realize I need one.
5. My website design is bad and I need some guidance.
6. My Website isn’t generating traffic, leads, or sales.
7. Our company is spending way too much on Google Adwords and PPC each month with few results.
8. Our organization has a poor online presence and we want to be an industry leader.
9. “We are blogging but aren’t seeing the results we hoped for.”
10. “The marketplace has changed and we are not getting customer like we used to.”
11. We need to get more customers to our shop.
12. We sell a product, service or software to repair shops and we need help reaching them.

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