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Welcome to “Parts and Labor”- The worlds first DIY Internet Marketing built specifically for automotive repair shops, dealerships and businesses serving the automotive marketplace.

Each month you will receive video training designed specifically for your business. We will show you exactly what to do and how we do it, all you need to do is follow along.

In addition to the training, we will send you content suggestions each month that you can post to your blog, your social media, newsletters, email marketing and anywhere else that you see fit.

You will also have access to our Facebook group, with the ability to ask us questions as well as others in the program.

If you get stuck on any particular item, you can hire us to get you past it at a special deeply discounted rate.

You can't loose!

Please note, by committing to this program, you are agreeing to a 12 month commitment of 12 monthly payments of $99.00



We realize that not everyone can afford our full-service marketing programs. Our pricing is driven by labor costs and the hours required to deliver results for our customers. It takes time to write quality blog posts, and it takes time to perform website edits, create new pages and so on.

So we asked our selves what if there was a way to cut out the labor costs on our end?

We came up with a way for you to have the benefit of our experience without having to pay for our labor costs. If you have someone on staff who can put in just a few hours a week, we can turn them into a digital marketer for your business. This could be your receptionist, your spouse, your business partner, even your detailer!

We can literally take your wash-bay employee and turn them into your highly successful marketing department!

We are offering you the same exact training that we put our new employees through. After completing our program, we could actually hire you to come work for us!

In addition to this training coming to your inbox every month, we will send you timely topics and content for you to turn into blog posts, social media posts, and even video scripts for your shop or business.

We supply the parts. You supply the labor. You will get more customers.

Here is a partial list of topics covered in our training series:

1. How to build an effective one.
2. Common approaches and Content Management systems (like WordPress)
3. How to understand a website and stop thinking about it this one (incorrect) way.
4. What all your competitors are getting wrong and how to exploit that.
5. How to tell if your website is ineffective.
6. The pages you need and why they work.
7. How to make it personal- Images, personalization education.
8. How to make it actionable (call to action).
9. SEO best practices- Page name, URL, etc.
10. Domain names- how to fix, issues how web structures works etc.
11. Hosting- issues how to fix them, what to buy.
12. Issues our customers have come to us to fix and how to fix those yourself.
13. Security measures. How to check if you were hacked, how to fix it.

Mastering Google

1. Understanding How Google works.
2. Google my business- How to claim a page even if it already has been claimed, how to fix common issues.
3. Google analytics- how to install and track. What to look for, and how to understand the results.
4. Google webmaster tools- How to install them on your site and manage the recommendations.
5. Duplicate content myth- the true meaning of duplicate content and how to fix it.
6. Google updates- panda penguin etc.- how to identify and fix issues hurting your ranking.
7. How to google crafts a search query response- how to craft your own content.
8. Semantic search and how Google knows what you are asking it.
9. The rise of Alexa and how to prepare for it.
10. The anatomy of a google result.
11. The anatomy of a mobile google result.
12. How Google ranks a website.


1. The wrong way people blog and some really bad examples to avoid doing.
2. How to do it the right way and do it for local –(our simple three buckets approach)
3. How to craft a headline properly.
4. How to choose the content for your business.
5. Content that we know works (and have proven time and again).
6. Call to action- how to create and implement them.
7. Duplicate content myth and truth.

SEO and Local SEO

1. SEO and Local SEO what is different and why it applies to your business.
2. Long tail search results- what these are, why they are important and how to do them correctly.
3. How long tails actually outperform the standard “about us” pages.
4. Backlinking- their importance and how to get them, how to monitor them.
5. Social signals- how this is factored into your ranking.
6. Google’s algorithm- current understanding and best practices.
7. How to rank a page- current understanding and best practices.
8. How to out-rank your competitors.
9. How to discover ranking opportunities.
10. Community involvement and the importance of that.

Paid search

1. Why personally we think it’s a bad idea long term.
2. How to get Google Adwords certified.
3. Anatomy of a good Adwords ad.
4. Don’t make these common Adwords mistakes.

Social Media Marketing

1. Facebook- best practices
2. Twitter- best practices
3. Other worthwhile social networks- LinkedIn, Instagram, others.

Reputation Management

1. Google Reviews- how to get them and how to address bad reviews.
2. Other quality review sites you should consider and why.

Additional tools for the advanced user

1. Moz Local
2. Ahrefs
3. Hubspot

And much more!


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