Our value proposition: We deliver customers.

We will deliver customers to you.

We prioritize working with companies who value our input, insight, and are willing to let us put the right effort forward on their behalf. When we do, the payoff comes in the form of increased sales and brand awareness. Your sales increase is our success and we take it VERY seriously.

Your consumer is connected, and we can help you reach them.
Our numbers prove it!

Quote | “The most beautiful curve is a rising sales graph”

– Raymond Loewy, Industrial Designer
Marketing is often seen as an expense, but sales are a necessity. Stratosphere is a sales focused agency that utilizes digital marketing tactics to drive customers right into your business.

Our tagline “we deliver customers” is more than just a slogan- It’s our mantra!

We are a group of like-minded designers, content creators, writers, web designers, social media managers and media buyers, who are focused on delivering increased sales to your business.

Quote | Fix Auto

Stratosphere is our go to when we need original out of the box ideas that will provide an ROI. They have produced amazing materials for Fix Auto on a tight time-line with a shoe string budget. They are a pleasure to work with and their ideas are always refreshing.”
– Liz Stein, Director of Membership and Marketing, Fix Auto

Company Culture

The culture of a company is an important factor when choosing a partner to handle your business needs. What is it going to be like to work with these people? How do they work when you the client are not looking?

We talk SHOP!

At Stratosphere Studio, we talk shop. By that we mean we truly understand the transportation and repair shop industry whether you are a body shop owner, a marine repair shop, or you sell a service or product to repair shops.

We “speak shop” because we are in them almost every week.

Can other marketing companies make the same claim?
We are also passionate enthusiasts in all things transportation. Our free time is often spent working on our own automotive, marine, RV and aviation projects.

Need proof? Check out the restoration of “Baxter” our ’65 Econoline
Our Van Story


So who are we?


We are a blend of three important revenue generating disciplines- Digital Marketing, Sales and Design.
Digital Marketing

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Sales Agency

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Design Agency

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Tom Zoebelein

CEO & Founder

To fully understand what we are all about, you have to know one thing.
I was born obsessed with cars.
I cannot think of a time in my life where cars were not involved. Whether it was
persuading my parents to take me to the New York Auto show when I was four, or
buying my first car at age fourteen, building my first engine at sixteen, painting my first
car at nineteen, or the dozen or so restorations I have done since then. Like many of you, I have motor oil running through my veins.

For over forty years I have been a student of automotive design and repair. But I don’t own a shop. Instead, I help shops do what they do best by doing what I do best- delivering customer after customer to their business. Watching a company grow their sales, and meet the goals that we have set gives me the same thrill as firing up my first V8 engine, and I look forward to helping you meet your growth needs. We will help you get your sales firing on all eight cylinders because to me, there is no sweeter sound.

Our Team

Our team consists of handpicked specialists who are experts in their various disciplines such as Design, Blogging, Data analysis, Search Engine Optimization who are all working in teams to guarantee that we deliver on our promise of delivering customers. Each new team member gets a thorough training in our digital marketing philosophy and methodology, as well as extensive immersion and education in the various markets we serve.

We routinely take the team out to visit shops, dealerships even salvage yards to get hands-on training in all aspects of repair, mechanics, customer issues and so forth. Each team member is required to read all the various trade publications such as FenderBender Magazine, Digital dealer, RV Business, etc to stay current and even ahead of trends and issues facing your particular line of business.

Often times we are aware of the issues that our customers are facing before they are even aware of it. When possible we attend industry events such as CIC and regional and national conferences.

Quote | “Racecars are neither beautiful or ugly. They become beautiful when they win”
– Enzo Ferrari -Ferrari

Let's work together

You are just one click away from adding a marketing powerhouse to your business. Like Enzo Ferrari, we want to help you win.

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