Digital Marketing

Your customers are making informed buying decisions every day through their personal buyers’ journey. As a result, companies can no longer rely on traditional advertisements and marketing tactics. To exceed the expectations of your customers, you must create and deliver data-driven experiences that resonate with your audience. Stratosphere Studio develops strong marketing strategies to increase website visits, lead conversions, brand awareness, and make lasting connections.

What We Do- Marketing

-Internet Marketing
-Outbound Communications
-Inbound Marketing
-Email Campaigns
-Social Media Marketing & Advertising
-Content Creation


A strong brand can act as its own salesman for your company. The look, feel, and tone of your repair shop is what will set you apart from others. Appealing brand, web, and experience design will attract attention, influence customers, and build your shop’s reputation. Our team of graphic designers, web developers, creatives, and marketing strategists generate effective user experiences and content to advance your repair shops brand.

What We Do- Design

-Web Design
-Branding Design and Strategy
-Video Production
-Marketing Material Development
-Graphic Design

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your content and web pages for search engines is vital to the success of your company’s goals of being found by customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses keywords, content, design, location, and more to help you stand out as an authority in your industry. We help our clients discover and evolve their audience visibility using SEO strategies to capitalize on marketing opportunities and develop personalized content.

What We Do- SEO

-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
-Data & Analytics Integration
-Geo-Targeting & Local SEO
-Keyword Research and Development
-Google Analytics

Brand Management

How your company is perceived by a target audience is the backbone of healthy business-to-consumer relationships. Our team of marketing experts research transportation industry trends to nurture and grow your relationship with customers. We design effective brand appearances, tone, associations, and content to magnify your reach and consistently drive sales.

What We Do- Branding

-Reputation Management
-Google My Business Management & Assistance
-Social Media Outreach Strategy
-Brand Awareness
-Market Trend Research

Our Process

Assess The Situation

We begin by conducting a full assessment of your repair shop’s marketing efforts: your website, traffic, rankings, social media, etc. These metrics are compared to your competitors to give you an understanding of where and how we can improve your marketing strategies.

Fix Immediate Issues

The assessment may reveal issues easier to fix than others. Often this includes small Google SEO problems, small website problems, or branding problems. These are the issues we fix immediately before strategizing your inbound plan.

Build The Machine

The machine consists of an inbound marketing strategy tailored to fit your repair shop’s business needs. This typically includes blogging, lead magnets, social media marketing, and content creation; it runs on a month to month basis providing the afore mentioned deliverables.

Track The Metrics

We measure everything from each web visitor, where and when they convert to leads, and the journey they took through your website. For MSOs, we tie the leads back to your management system, such as CCC, in order to see which leads converted to a sale and their dollar amounts.

Analyze The Data

We dive deep into the data to search for visits, leads, trends, and opportunities to grow. We use data collected from your web visits and lead conversions each month to refine the user experience on your website.

Refine And Retest

Through A/B testing, data research, tweaks to website language, and brainstorming with industry experts, we continually refine your site until it is generating consistent leads and sales. This helps us build you the most effective lead generating machine possible.