How can I earn more leads for my auto body shop?

auto body shop lead generation

When our auto body shop clients first come to us for help with their marketing, their biggest goal is to increase the number of leads for their shops.  That makes sense, since the more leads you have, the more cars you have coming in each day.  And the more cars you have coming in, the better off your shop is doing.  It’s a wonderful cycle to be in, but the trick is to get the ball rolling effectively.  For our best clients, we’ve helped them to earn over 50 more leads per month.  With dedication and smart strategizing you can earn the same success for your body shop.

To get started in increasing your lead generation, start by making your website more valuable to visitors.  If visitors see your website as a resource, they’ll be more likely to stick around and check out more of your pages.  The best way to do this is to start blogging.  Don’t worry, I’m not talking about you sitting down and divulging the details of your life.  Blogging for business is very different from personal blogging and it is intended to answer the common questions your body shop customers ask.  Use your website to address their concerns so that they’ll be more prepared for what the repair process entails. 

Another thing you can do is to increase your website traffic.  When you have a greater visitor base, then you have a higher chance of converting visitors to leads.  Once you have a site that visitors will value, you should invest your time into increasing traffic with the use of the proper keyword phrases.  Take a look at each page of your site and ensure that the right keyword phrases are in place to allow your site to be picked up in search engine results.  As your rankings increase, your number of visitors will also increase.

auto body shop seo

Provide attractive calls to action.  On most pages of your website, you’ll want to include what we refer to as “calls to action.”  These are appealing offers that can transform your visitors into leads for your auto body shop.  A typical call to action could be a form for scheduling an appointment, a coupon for a discounted service, or even a downloadable guide.  Make sure you’re tracking your results so you can see which offers are more attractive to visitors.  Then, be sure to tailor your calls to action based on those results.

Once you get your leads, follow-up is crucial.  Don’t wait more than 24 hours to respond to appointment requests and make sure that coupons and downloadable guides are available immediately.  Apply your customer service know-how to make the online experience excellent for your new leads.

auto body shop lead generation

 At Stratosphere Studio, we specialize in digital marketing for auto body shops and offer a variety of affordable services, including blogging, social networking, website design, search engine optimization, and more.  Tom, our company’s founder, once owned his own auto body shop before using his marketing expertise to help other body shops.  We’ve even been featured in Fender Bender for our knowledge of body shop marketing.  If you need an agency to help your body shop, give us a call today or click the link below.