How to Create Blog Headlines for Repair Shops

How to Create Blog Headlines

Blogging is a way for businesses to regularly publish and promote relevant content for their customers. This type of content creation is a proven way to demonstrate industry-specific knowledge about collision repair to your followers and customer base. Attracting, converting, and delighting potential customers begins with great content to suit their needs. And, while blogs… Read more »


Best Practices for Getting More Leads for Your Repair Shop

getting more leads for your repair shop

For many repair shops, boosting the number of leads obtained in a month is their primary goal. This is a great goal to have because of the simple journey a lead takes to generate more business for your company. When you have more leads, you have more customers coming in. When you have more customers… Read more »


How Your Shop Can Use Social Media to Reach the Average Customer

social media tips for repair shops

One of the many ways we at Stratosphere Studio like to stay engaged with our consumers is through social media. This form of networking is one of the fastest growing and ever-changing forms of communication. But how does a repair shop or dealership relate to and engage with the average Joe through social media? Vehicle… Read more »