Why should I use video for my collision repair website?

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For some of the auto body shop owners we’ve talked to, the idea of using video to market their businesses sounds time consuming and expensive.  Shop owners are often open to the idea, but it just doesn’t seem worth the effort.  If you feel the same way, then let me assuage your fears about video production.  It doesn’t have to be overly time consuming or expensive and it can be worth every bit of effort you put into it.

First, here are some of the reasons why you should produce a video for your body shop:

It familiarizes people with your shop.
One of the biggest barriers to bringing in new business is a customer’s lack of familiarity with your shop.  People tend to prefer environments in which they know what to expect.  A video of your shop can provide this opportunity to your viewers.  You could do a video tour of your shop facilities and introduce your staff.  In doing so, customers will be able to get a feel for who you are and how your shop presents itself.  If someone is on the fence about whether to choose your shop or a competitor’s, your video can be the advocate you need in order to win that customer’s business.

Auto body shop video

It lets you show off what you can do. 
People love before and after photos, so you can imagine how much more intriguing a video of the process would be.  With a video, you could easily show the steps involved in turning a nearly-destroyed vehicle into a beautiful, as-good-as-new one.  You could also do a video on common types of repairs you perform or on any custom work you might do.  It is reassuring to potential customers when they see the quality of your collision repair work.

auto body shop marketing

It gives you a great calling card.
When you have even just one well-produced, clearly thought out video representing your auto body shop, you have a perfect, reusable advertisement for your business.  You can post it not only on your website, but also on any social networking platforms, in your email blasts, and even on a TV in your shop’s waiting area.  It’s something that people can easily link to when sharing information about your shop with others.  The right video can become your shop’s calling card.

Need help with producing a professional video? 
At Stratosphere Studio, we’re pros at producing videos for businesses and we offer great prices.  For a fully-produced video, from concept building to editing, we price this service at approximately $2,500.  À la carte services depend upon what each client needs and we can strategize to create a unique plan to match your budget and goals.  Not everyone needs a set designed and built, for instance.  Or perhaps you already have a concept in mind.  Maybe you just need an expert editor for a video you’ve already made.  No matter what the situation, we can work with you and your shop’s needs to develop a plan you can afford.


  1. David Stevens

    can you please give a url of a dealer you have produced a video for. Thanks

  2. admin

    I have not done any videos specificlly for a dealer that I can show you. However our video page on our portfolio has some samples of videos we have done. If you are interested in some ideas I would love to discuss your needs with you further. you can reach me at tom(at)stratsopherestudio(dot)com (fyi I wrote out my e-mail address like to keep the spam bots from sending a bunch of spam to my e0mail address).

  3. Tara

    Great advice here! Thank you.

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