5 of the Most Annoying WordPress Problems Your Repair Shop is Facing

As content creators and digital marketers, we have a lot of resources available to us to fit our inbound needs. You may be doing everything right in terms of your outbound marketing strategies but if you don’t have a solid website, what’s the point of it all? WordPress is an amazing tool to build and maintain websites for your repair shop. We even use it at Stratosphere Studio. But, nothing is perfect and even the best of tools have their downsides. Today, we’ll be discussion 5 of the most annoying WordPress problems your repair shop is probably facing.

Top 5 of the Most Annoying WordPress Problems

1. Too Much Plugin Customization

While WordPress allows its users a number of different themes for customization, the core product is very minimal in terms of design and theme offers. The backend is simple enough to understand when you’re working for your own Word press site, but when you start building out other pages and sites, it gets confusing. You start wanting new themes and plugins to make your site unique. If you want SEO, social media analytics, and other features to be special, you will most likely need to download different plugins. While plugins are super helpful, they can be quite costly and increase your setup and website launch time drastically.

Plugins can also hinder your ability to effectively participate in campaigns. Plugins don’t interact with each other like on other website platforms. This makes it harder to track your efforts and see where things are paying off and where they’re not. There are also just so many plugin options (over 40,000), it can be too difficult to figure out which one is for you.

2. Keeping up with Updates

One of the most common headaches you will experience while trying to manage your own WordPress site is how often the software will update. WordPress will roll out updates for lots of reasons including security updates, theme updates, and plugin updates. When WordPress updates its system, it can cause a lot of your super helpful plugins to stop working with your website and theme.

3. No Backup System

If you’re trying to manage your repair shop, chances are you don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to your website. This can be frustrating when something goes wrong with the site and you have to stop everything to deal with it. If you haven’t take the steps to put a backup system in place, there is a good chance you could look all of your data and information on your website since WordPress doesn’t have a backup in place for you. One wrong click and everything could disappear. The good news? You can purchase or find free backup systems for your site. The bad news? They don’t all work alongside some plugins and will require configuration.

4. Security Problems

WordPress uses something called an open source structure for several aspects of their sites. This means programmers or anyone can access a page’s source code and see how everything works and change it for their needs and share it with others.

While this is positive in the programming world and offers the ability to customize, it can leave your website vulnerable. Because all of your site’s code is available online, it makes it easy for hackers to invade.

5. Page Speed

WordPress is notorious for having slow page speed. Slow page speed can happen for a variety of different reasons. Internet connection, too many plugins, basic code, and bad servers are just a few. When you have to customize your site extensively, your computer can take longer to load. While this is an easy thing to deal with for your marketing team (if you have one), it can turn customers away, potentially costing you valuable leads.

How We Can Help

At Stratosphere Studio, we have a valuable team of online marketers and web designers who understand how to make things run smoothly. We want your repair website to be the best it can possibly be from form to function. Our team builds websites according to your needs and keeps them running smoothly for you to get your information out there and gather more leads. We’ll spend the time managing your sites content and success giving you more time to spend working on your business.

If you have more questions about how we can help you with your website problems, reach out. We’re waiting to listen to your shop’s story and get your website up and running. All you have to do is click the button below!

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