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Look for results, not awards when choosing a digital marketing agency

Like it or not, if you sell a product or service you need to master e-commerce.

In 1997 I won an e-cubed award. In fact I won two of them. I was just a junior in college and doing so helped me launch my career in trade shows. In the trade show world, the e-cubed award is the equivalent of winning an Oscar. It represents excellence within a category chosen by a committee of industry peers. For advertising and marketing companies, the big award is called the Addy. Agencies LOVE to tell you about their Addys. It seems as if every company is an “Award Winning” agency. At what point does the term “award winning” begin to lose its importance?

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Meet Abby, our newest blogging and social media addition

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

My husband and I just moved to Bel Air, Maryland and were taking a walk down Main Street with our 3-month-old daughter, checking out the town.  We checked out some of the little shops we passed, along with a few restaurants, a music store, and a coffee shop.  Eventually we found ourselves in front of an eye-catching orange sign titled Stratosphere Studio.  I was curious about it, so I stopped and read the other information posted on the window, learning that the Studio specializes in internet marketing for businesses.  I turned to my husband and said, “This might be the place I’ve been looking for!”

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