How to get your website to outperform your best sales person

Your website can create more sales than your best sales people, you just need the right process.

I just recently started working with a mold remediation specialist (www.the had a decent website and was blogging, tweeting, doing Facebook, paid search and email marketing. By a lot of people’s standards he was doing all the “right things”. However, the sales just were not rolling in.

He has a high dollar lead value, in fact most leads are worth at least $4,000-$10,000 if they become sales. He was getting one good lead a month mostly from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) through Google adwords. But when you clicked on his PPC ad it just brought people to his website which had some generic mold blog content written by a college intern. When you landed on the page, there were no calls to action, no proper landing page content, and no reason to contact the mold dr unless you knew for sure you had a mold problem, and certainly no reason to leave your contact information if you were just “browsing” and looking for mold answers.

The first thing we did after bringing him on board our content management and web traffic tracking system provided by our partners at Hubspot was to make some keyword changes to his pages and wrote a decent downloadable free mold guide which we put behind a form on a landing page. His first e-mail blast netted 18 new leads which he can nurture and two new clients through PPC just by having the mold guide. For the first time, his marketing efforts produced some real noticeable conversions.

Screen Shot 2012-05-20 at 3.04.52 PM-resized-600So for that month he made about $12,000 but it cost him $2,000 just in PPC. We are working to boost his organic search, which is severely lacking, but in the meantime we are working on his lead nurturing automation which is also something that was lacking. We want to automate the contact reaches and responses that happen after soeone become a lead through a web page. The goal is to eventually replace PPC all together. However prior to this measurement, our client really had no idea where any of these leads were coming from, and how much it was actually costing. He was savvy enough to employ the right tactics, but he wasn’t trained or capable of the measurement or even knowing how to read it.

We are also going to start writing an evaluation guide which will position him against his competitors, which for the most part are just large service companies who say they do mold remediation, but its not their core business or competency, yet are getting a large share of the leads because of their national footprint and outbound call centers. I think the “this vs. that” comparisons like Marcus Sheridan uses in his pool business are extremely effective for consumers who are looking to educate themselves. I am working on a few of these for other customers in other industries like collision repair.

As a sales results driven marketing agency what we are able to do is take what our client was already doing, and perfect it over time with solid measurable research. If you ask me, that level of service is the greatest value an agency can provide to a client and client and is what separates a “creative only” agency from a really good results driven agency.