Is your estimate sufficient body shop marketing to make the sale?

Some good old fashioned clever body shop branding can increase customer conversions


When someone is considering taking their car to you, what do you give them to aid their decision?  Is your estimate enough to complete the sale? What do you have on hand RIGHT NOW to make your case to the customer to choose your shop?



Some shops have absolutely nothing to hand to their customers to earn their business. Sure the customer is at your shop and is getting an estimate, and maybe they are having a look around, but what about after they leave the shop. What is doing the selling for you when they leave and make their decision?


Other shops might have a little trifold on the counter with some images and a ittle bit about the shop, or even some FAQ’s. But if that is all you have, you are missing a major opportunity.

body shop tri fold brochure-resized-600.jpg


At Stratosphere Studio, we specialize in telling our customers stories. We do this through video, social media, the internet, trade shows and print. We pride ourselves on our design and passion for telling your story in a way that resonates with your customers.



We were asked to develop a new brochure for 3D Collision Centers in Philadelphia, but they wanted to go beyond the trifold, and they wanted something more tactile. We sketched out an idea for a folding cube brochure that reinforced the branding, but nixed the idea in order to make a more portable information piece. We instead used a little visual play on the eye with shading which makes a flat brochure look like a 3D cube.



Playing off the 3D logo we created a special die cut brochure piece, cut to the shape of the logo, and then folds out into flaps. This allows for six individual story locations.

The first tab tells the history of the shop.

3D Collision Center3D has always been a technologically advanced shop, and many of today’s practices were put into practice at 3D years ahead of their time. For example 3D bought a fax machine but couldn’t fax their parts orders in for over a year because the dealerships didn’t have them yet! To show case this, we created a dual time line highlighting 3D’s innovations and the dates when 3D put them into place VS. the dates when the industry adopted them as best practices.

3D brochure

The additional panels talk about aspects of the shop such as equipment, training, community involvement, and locations.

Upon opening the brochure, the customer instantly gets the most important information : Who we are, What we do, and WHY and HOW we are different. When doing a promotional piece, dont forget the importance of WHO WHAT WHEN and HOW (the Where can go on the back).




The simple die cut shape of the brochure instantly makes people want to pick it up. The small size also lends itself to being picked up. It doesn’t feel dense and boring like a larger brochure might have been.

3d brochure 1-resized-600.jpgUsing the logo shape as the cover, when placed on coffee tables in the shop, at golf outings, or other marketing opportunities, the brochures reinforce the branding in a strong visual way.

3d brochure 2-resized-600.jpgThe brochure is easily attached to customer estimates, placed into agent marketing materials, and handed out at networking events.

3d brochures3-resized-600.jpgWhen thinking about the sales process at your shop, remember it goes beyond the estimate, or your website. A good brochure is an inexpensive peice with tons of versatility. Don’t stop at the standard (boring) trifold, look for ways to reinforce your logo and branding. And if you get stuck for ideas, you can always call us!