Should I use Facebook to market my auto body shop?

Social networking for auto body shops

With all the ways you can market your auto body shop online, it can be tricky to choose exactly which paths to take.  What happens to work well for one body shop might not work for another.  At Stratosphere Studio, we recommend that you focus your energy on your website before you get into social media.  Once your website is optimized for search engine use and you’ve established a content marketing strategy, then you could start to tackle your social networking situation. 

When it comes to social networks, one of the most reliably successful platforms is Facebook.  These days, it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t using Facebook.  And people are more and more frequently following their favorite businesses on the platform to stay up on special offers and useful information.  If your auto body shop website is in great shape and you’re ready to explore Facebook’s potential, then you should go for it. 

In order to get the most out of Facebook for your auto body shop, follow these tips:

Facebook for auto body shops

Have a personality. 
One of the greatest aspects of social networking is that you can have a real voice.  Try to refrain from using a generic, newspaper voice when you post status updates on Facebook.  Instead, suit your tone to fit your material, whether it’s funny or serious or anything in between. 

Update regularly.
If you post status updates too frequently on Facebook, you risk annoying your fans, but if you don’t post enough, then you might be forgotten.  Since lots of people stay logged in to Facebook for a good portion of the day, it would be best for you to update at least once a day. 

Post relevant and interesting material.
Instead of posting random silly eCards or goofy cat photos, try to post only material that pertains to your auto body shop.  The best way to use Facebook is to get people engaged in the material you’re posting.  Ask questions of your fans and invite questions from them, as well.  Post calls to action, links to blog posts, and photos of your shop.  Be thoughtful about what you post and your fans will reward you with their interest.

auto body shop marketing

Respond immediately.
If someone comments on your posts, be sure to respond right away.  When it comes to social media, there’s a very short shelf life for unanswered questions. 

Are you looking for help with your auto body shop’s social media campaign? 
At Stratosphere Studio, we specialize in digital marketing for auto body shops and offer a variety of affordable services, including blogging, social networking, website design, search engine optimization, and more.  Tom, our company’s founder, once owned his own auto body shop before using his marketing expertise to help other body shops.  We’ve even been featured in Fender Bender for our knowledge of body shop marketing.  If you need an agency to help your body shop, give us a call today or click the link below.