Auto body shops and insurance companies: a case of us vs. them?

auto body shop marketing

It’s not always a well-known fact among consumers, but the relationship between insurance companies and auto body shops is sometimes tenuous.  When one entity has to work so closely with another, it’s natural for there to be some tension.  So how do you keep that tension out of your website content when you’re addressing frequently asked questions?  This is a problem that we’ve encountered in handling our auto body shop clients’ blogs, so we’d like to help you, too. 

Here are our tips for approaching any tricky auto insurance-related issues that you might encounter when marketing your shop.

auto body shop marketing

Step 1: Change the way you think.
You can craft thoughtful, truthful content to help your customers while still preserving your relationship with the auto insurance companies, but first you must change the way you think.  It is NOT a case of us vs. them when it comes to auto insurance companies.  You are not on opposing sides, even if it can seem that way at times.  Instead, focus on the human aspect of what you’re both doing, which is to help people get their lives back to normal after a collision.  When you focus on the human aspect of your business, it helps you to keep your priorities straight. 

Step 2: Put yourself in the customers’ shoes.
When you’ve been working in the automotive repair industry for a while, it can be a challenge to think like someone who’s unfamiliar with the whole collision repair process.  However, for most people, it’s not until their in an accident that they really have to learn anything about it.  All of a sudden, they’re forced to learn more about their auto insurance coverage than they ever hoped they’d need to.  The best way that you can present your business to a customer is to put yourself in their shoes.  Take a step back and realize that even though you might have heard their questions a million times, for them it’s the first time they’re asking.  So, when you tackle any questions about insurance on in your marketing, frame your answers in a way that demonstrates both empathy and patience.

auto body shop marketing

Step 3: Be diplomatic.
When you tackle any auto insurance questions in your marketing, it’s best to stick to the facts and present every side.  When you list pros and cons, for instance, try to keep any personal biases out of your answers and present the pros and cons from both sides of the story.  You usually can’t go wrong if you remain factual.   

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