Online marketing vs. television: which should your auto body shop choose?

Auto body shop marketing

When our auto body shop clients first come to us for their digital marketing needs, they are usually very intrigued by what online marketing can do for their business, but they’re unsure of how it stacks up against other types of marketing, like television advertising.  It is natural to ask questions like this, especially since marketing dollars are precious and of course you want to put your money into the best possible outlet for your collision repair shop. 

So, which should you choose?  As a digital marketing agency, naturally we a Stratosphere Studio are big advocates of online marketing.  However, we didn’t arrive at this conclusion haphazardly.  Instead, we chose to dedicate ourselves to digital marketing after conducting extensive research and after exploring what every medium offers. 

If you can only put your marketing dollars into one type, here are the biggest reasons why we recommend online marketing over TV for your shop:

auto body shop marketing

·         Digital marketing can be long-lasting.  There is a potential for greater longevity when it comes to online marketing tactics.  With your social media and website alone, you can put lasting content into the webisphere.  A TV spot, however, comes and goes and isn’t readily available for viewing again (unless you post it online, of course!). 

·         It’s cost-effective.  We’ve talked before about the typical price of running a television ad, which includes the cost of producing it (upwards of $1,000) and running it for maybe one month (usually around $10,000, depending on the market and type of buy).  Online marketing has a much more complicated pricing structure, because you have many options to choose from.  For instance, you could embark on a full online marketing campaign, which could cost several thousands of dollars, or you could pay for just a trial round of ads on Google for barely any money.  Online marketing is very adaptable to any budget and, because it’s both highly trackable and long-lasting, it offers much more bang for your buck than TV.

·         It offers unlimited potential.  The sky really is the limit if you decide to try online marketing.  For example, you could focus on a social networking contest or several months of strategic content marketing.  You could put your energy into banner ads, Google ads, or even online video ads.  You could put money into re-designing your website and optimizing it for search engines and mobile platforms.  With TV, the only real variety comes in the length of your spots and the stations you might advertise on.


·         It’s mobile.  One of the greatest advantages of online marketing is that it is available on multiple platforms.  Your content can be seen anywhere, on-the-go, and on every screen size available.  With a TV ad, you are relegated to just a television screen.  And these days more and more people are finding ways around commercials when they watch TV, using platforms like Netflix, Apple TV, and DVRs.  This makes it very easy for TV ads to be overlooked.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help you bring more cars into your body shop, then give Stratosphere Studio a call.  We specialize in online marketing for auto body shops and have an excellent track record for bringing our clients more business.  Our clients span the U.S. and are some of the most successful shops in their respective cities.  We would love to help you next!