Using eBooks for Your Repair Shop's Marketing Strategy

As a repair shop, finding ways to keep your audience engaged can be tough. Creating smart, relevant content is the best way to help your repair business stand out amongst the rest. The more helpful content you put out there for your consumers, the more you will appear as an authority on topics related to your industry. At Stratosphere Studio, we want to help you know how to get the most out of your marketing plan. One of the ways to fully boost your marketing strategies is with eBooks! Using eBooks for your repair shop is a great way of creating content to reach out to potential customers and generate new leads.

Why Using eBooks is Great for Your Repair Business

eBooks are a great tool to use for lead generation. The most common way for your website visitors to download eBooks are with engaging calls-to-actions. When a website visitor sees your call-to-action with a free download option, they are more inclined to click the button. They see this unique content feature as a standout piece. In a world filled with hundreds of blog posts or video, eBooks feel like a tangible piece of special content.

A form should accompany your call-to-action, allowing website visitors the chance to provide their contact information. You can use this new lead information to not only provide them with the desired eBook but continue through the different stages of the buyer’s journey. Having eBooks for these different stages allow you to provide the right people with the right content at the right time. When someone has just been in an accident and visits your site, they are most likely going to look for information regarding crashes and what to do when involved in a crash. Their wants and needs are different from a current customer who is looking for information on windshield repair or different car painting techniques. After you’ve received more leads and turned them into customers, it is important to have eBooks that continue to the delight stage of the buyer’s journey. This is going to make sure your current clients keep coming back.

How to Effectively Use eBooks

Using eBooks for your repair shop helps you delve deeper into topics you have already written about in previous blogs. And one great way to start writing them is actually by referencing older blog posts. Chance are, if you have been maintaining a strong blog, you will have great content to pull from. A great way to start outlining a potential eBook is to choose a topic you have written about extensively. For example, say you have written multiple blog posts about tire damage: how to repair tire damage, ways to prevent tire damage, and so on. By collecting those blogs and basing your eBook on that outline, you will have nearly all of the important information you need. This is also a great way to edit and update previous information.

In addition to the many ways eBooks can increase lead generation, they also have other ways of benefiting your marketing strategies. At Stratosphere Studio, we have compiled a few of the ways eBooks can impact your marketing strategies. Let’s take a look!

Strengthening the Core of Your Marketing

One really great aspect of using eBooks is the ability to completely cover a complex topic. This is especially true with users trying to make decisions about topics they do not fully understand. When you run a marketing campaign, you should build out your eBooks to reflect whatever theme you are showcasing. The eBook should be very detailed and provide valuable resources. The more detailed and relevant content you provide, not only will your consumer appreciate your efforts and view you as an authority figure in the repair business, you will also be able to extract and reuse content later on.

Taking from chapters in your eBook will help you create topic ideas for future blog posts. You can also use these topics to generate a plethora of different content material including:

  • ads
  • promotional emails
  • infographics
  • supplementary videos or podcasts

When you can repurpose your content and tailor it to the platform you will promote with, the more leads and conversions you will see. Think of the content currently on your repair shop’s website. If you have consistently provided blogs covering a wide range of topics, you are well on your way to producing an eBook. And if not, do not worry. You can still write an eBook regardless of where you are with your blogs.

Constructing Email Lists Using eBooks

Email lists can be a little tough. They are often difficult to build, but with a healthy list of contacts, they are a great way to reach your audience and receive helpful feedback. As mentioned earlier, eBooks are a great way to round out your content to make you appear as an authority in your industry. Consumers see an eBook and place more value on it compared to a shorter blog post. Because of this, visitors are more inclined to provide their email address and other contact information to be able to download the offer.

Despite many beliefs that email is dead, more businesses are seeing a greater Return on Investment (ROI) form their email marketing efforts. There are over 6.32 billion email accounts and the number is still growing. It is the preferred form of commercial communication, especially for online shoppers.

eBooks as Brand Ambassadors

Building trust with your consumers should be a top priority for your repair shop. There is nothing worse than selling your services in the repair industry and then not being able to meet expectations with visiting clients. eBooks are an incredible way to build trust with your customers. They help you appear as the authentic and trustworthy repair business that you are.

Before you create your eBook, take a good look at your buyer personas. What are their needs and wants? What are their most frequently asked questions? Once you answer these questions you can get started. The biggest features of the eBook you need to focus on are obviously the content, but the design also plays a huge part in representing your brand. Each chapter in your eBook should contain a call-to-action to another section in your website or other pieces of content offered. The more visitors have the chance to explore and find information not only about you but what you can provide to them, the more leads you will obtain.

The design of the eBook should reflect who you are as a brand. And this is true through all of your online profile. Take a look at the outside of your repair shop. What are the colors of your shop? Do you have an interesting font? If you have carried a cohesive color scheme and brand style from your physical shop to your website and social media platform, you can probably get started on designing your eBook. Use similar fonts and colors to help tie your eBook into your website. If your repair shop’s website feature red and black colors, try to use red and black in your eBook. One thing to remember when designing your eBook is to keep things simple. Keep in mind you are providing a lot of text-based content. Try breaking sections up with related images and strong headlines.

Do you have questions about using eBooks? We know creating an eBook is a daunting task. There can be a lot of steps involved. Stratosphere studio wants to help you how to apply these wonderful tools to your website! Reach out to us today for more information.

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