Best Practices for Getting More Leads for Your Repair Shop

For many repair shops, boosting the number of leads obtained in a month is their primary goal. This is a great goal to have because of the simple journey a lead takes to generate more business for your company. When you have more leads, you have more customers coming in. When you have more customers coming in, the more income for your business; and who wouldn’t want that? Earning more leads for your repair shop is undoubtedly the best position for your company. This cycle helps business everywhere, but it can be a difficult process to start.

For some of our top clients, we help them land over 50 leads each month. We’ve helped our client, Coach Specialists, reach $1.5 million in web leads. Below, we’ll teach you some strategies you can use to start bringing in more leads for your repair shop.

Best Practices for Getting More Leads for Your Repair Shop

You Must Have a Website

Website design is the first and most important step in getting more leads. Your customers need a place to go to give you their contact information, find your information, and look at other resources. Have a smart looking website with concrete resources helps build trust between you and your audience. Your customers will want to stick around and check out what you have to offer. Blogging is a great addition to your website as it offers answers to your customers’ questions. A lot of clients are afraid/confused when they see blogging. But you aren’t going to be blogging about yourself or your interests. Each blog should be tailored to answering a frequently asked questioned or topic related to your services. Your well-designed website can address those questions and bring people into your shop.

Increasing Traffic to Your Website

Once you have your good-looking website, you will need to traffic. Building traffic to your website takes effort if you’re going to convert visitors to leads. On each page of your website, you should use proper keyword phrases. These are the keywords visitors search for. By making sure those keywords are on each specific page, you are allowing your website to be picked up by search engines. Google has tiny bots or spiders that crawl through your web pages looking at keywords and phrases. It helps them determine if you are a legit, trustworthy, and authoritative website for what you are selling. When your search engine results begin to increase, so will visitor traffic to your website and you’ll be getting more leads in no-time.

Proper Forms and Calls-to-Action

Just like having keywords on each of your web pages, you’ll need to post enticing calls-to-action and forms for visitors to click on and fill out. If you are unfamiliar with a call-to-action or CTA, they are the little button on a webpage you click on for a special offer. They can say things like “download now,” or “Click here for a Free Estimate.” These CTAs are designed to generate leads. Typically, a CTA will link to a form a visitor fills out to receive the downloadable or offer for which they clicked on the button.

The form is just as important as the CTA. If a visitor is taken to a boring form landing page, they might just click off and go somewhere else – then you’ve lost your lead! By having an interesting landing page featuring more information about your business and what is being offered, visitors are more likely to fill out the form and convert. Tracking your conversion rates is a great way to test who is responding to what. Stratosphere Studio can help you track your online conversions through the use of HubSpot.

Respond to Leads

Following up with a lead is crucial. Never wait more than 24 hours to respond to someone who has provided their information. This can be either a request for more information, an online quote form, a discount, or a downloadable. Someone trusted your business and its services enough to give you their information. And they need help! So never leave them hanging. The longer you wait, you could be upsetting a potential customer. Getting more leads starts with following up and reaching out.

We are Here to Help

At Stratosphere Studio, generating leads for our clients is our specialty. If you need help developing a great-looking website let us know! We have a team of web designers ready to craft what you need. We also have a team of content marketers, dedicated to learning about your business and developing content for your website. Our team also has the tools available to set up eye-catching and informative landing pages for all of your forms. We can also track your progress and find out what type of button and form design work best for getting you more clients. Want our help? Reach out! Have more questions about what we can do for you? We’re here!

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